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Top 5 best villains from the GTA series



Every story needs a good old-fashioned villain, and the GTA series, one of the most popular games in the world, is no different.

And if it weren’t for the acquired, sadistic and disgusting villains presented in the series, the games would hardly be as great as they are. No matter how interesting it is, every good game needs a morally distorted antagonist to which players can passionately and relentlessly spit out hatred. Otherwise, the story of the game wouldn’t actually be moving in either direction.

This article talks about the top 5 villains presented in the GTA series.

The 5 coolest villains in the GTA series

# 5 Devin Weston – GTA 5

Although the old bastard is not exactly a gentleman touched by shades, no one can deny that he is by far one of the best villains from the GTA series. Like character, Devin Weston, though undoubtedly awful, is very real. Beneath the facade of a self-proclaimed philanthropist, Devin Weston rules the underworld exploiting people from third world countries.

Towards the end of the game, Devin Weston finally does something useful and collapses to an unfortunate but well-deserved death, bringing the players a relief they feared would never come.

# 4 Sonny Forelli – GTA Vice City

It’s impossible to talk about the bad guys featured in the GTA series without wandering around Sonny Forelli – the guy who created Tommy Vercetti’s life is a literal hell. Forelli is not only barbaric in his own ways, but he is also extremely cynical and never really trusts anyone. His manic outbursts and terrifying threats create some of the most memorable scenes in GTA Vice City.

# 3 Draco Brevic – GTA 4

Another ruthless villain who gives purpose to prominent protagonist Niko Bellic, and never manages to anger the player. The interesting thing about Draco is that he shares history with Niko, because they both had a career in the Soviet army before they turned into Russian mobsters.

Perhaps the reason why they never agreed, even in the underworld, is that Nobody was nothing if he was not aware of his deeds; while, Draco Brević seems to enjoy his notoriety and think nothing of his crimes.

# 2 Frank Tenpenny – GTA San Andreas

Of course, Tenpenny and his trademarks provoke players to want to get through the screen and suffocate it right there and there. He’s the most hated person in the GTA series if he’s ever been, but no one can deny doing a pretty good job of coming across him as the villain he was supposed to be all along. Corrupt. Dirty. Sadistic. Revived by Samuel L. Jackson, Tenpenny seems to know what it means to be an antagonist in a world-famous franchise.

# 1 Big Smoke – GTA San Andreas

And, of course, one can’t talk about the best GTA villains of all time without raving about the headlong heartbreaker who has paralyzed fans for days in disbelief. Big Smoke is not only the best villain from Russia GTA series. He is also one of the best characters from the entire series.



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