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Top 5 Chelsea moments in the FA Cup




Chelsea found much joy in FA Cup. They are the fourth most successful club in the history of the competition and have won the FA Cup eight times. Their first triumph in the FA Cup came back in 1970. Chelsea had to wait another 27 years to win it back.

Under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel, Stamford Bridge’s clothing is constantly improving and will soon be ready to re-challenge on all fronts. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Chelsea’s top five moments in the FA Cup.

# 1 Peter Osgood leads Chelsea to their first FA Cup triumph

Peter Osgood is a Chelsea legend, and with good reason. His entry into Chelsea’s first team came as a breath of fresh air, and Osgood played a key role in Chelsea’s first FA Cup triumph.

Chelsea faced incredibly strong Leeds United in the final, and the first match ended in a 2-2 draw, prompting a replay two weeks later. Chelsea had a 1-0 drop and were chasing the game in the final quarter of the match when Peter Osgood met center shot by Charlie Cooke with a diving head to restore parity.

Chelsea then hit again in overtime to have their name inscribed for the first time on the prestigious trophy in a match that was then watched by 28 million people worldwide.

# 2 Chelsea smashed Tottenham Hotspur on their way to the 2012 FA Cup final

London derbies are fierce things and are usually mostly contested. However, in 2012, Chelsea absolutely drove the Tottenham Hotspur in the semi-finals.

Goals by Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Ramires, Malouda and Mate helped Chelsea beat their rivals among the cities 5-1. It was an awkward night for the Lilies, and a glorious one for the Blues.

# 3 Didier Drogba is an overtime in the final against Manchester United

The 2007 FA Cup final will be historic as it was to be played at the new Wembley Stadium. Manchester United and Chelsea were also convincingly the two strongest sides in Europe at the time.

However, some of the matches between the two sides tended to become unhappy and this was no different. The match went into overtime and it seemed that a decision on penalties would be made. However, Didier Drogba had other plans.

Frank Lampard let Drogba into the area, and Ivory confidently passed the ball over Edwin Van der Sar to send Chelsea’s faithful into euphoria and return the FA Cup to West London.

# 4 Stunning Didier Drogba helps Chelsea keep the 2010 FA Cup

Chelsea won the FA Cup title for the first time in 2010. Taking over Portsmouth in the final, Chelsea stared straight into the barrel when a penalty was awarded to the opposition. However, Petr Cech managed to prevent that and keep Chelsea in the game.

A few minutes later, Chelsea got a free kick in the danger area. The hour is coming, the man is coming! Didier Drogba boosted a free kick and scored in the bottom corner with a stunning striker.

That was the only goal of the game, and Chelsea also got their first home double, winning the Premier League a few weeks earlier.

# 5 Thunder by Robert Di Matteo vs. Middlesbrough 1997

Chelsea ended their 27-year drought in the FA Cup in 1997 when they beat Middlesbrough 2-0 in the final. Having found little joy in the swimming competition for almost three decades, Chelsea’s early nerves were sorted out in the best possible way.

Notable Chelsea striker Di Matteo took responsibility for carrying the ball from the half line and dribbling into enemy territory before heading to hell on the skin with one of the sweetest kicks we’ve ever seen. The ball crashed into the crossbar and went straight inside.

Only 42 seconds passed on the clock and it was the fastest goal in the FA Cup in 12 years until Louis Saha broke the Manchester United record in 2009.

Posted April 17, 2021, 5:36 PM IST