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Top 5 Ground-type moves to avoid in Pokemon




The ground type category has some of the most dangerous moves in all Pokemon.

These moves are amazing. However, this is not true for every move that has a typing of the earth in Pokemon.

A handful of earthly moves could be labeled as useless. They should definitely be avoided if at all possible.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 earth moves to avoid in Pokemon

# 5 – Sand attack

Sand Attack can be a fun move for spam, but in a real battle, coaches will know how to counter it. The move reduces the accuracy of the target Pokemon by one phase. Because of that, the opponent can miss a lot, but one phase is not enough. If they manage to stop the move after the first attack on the sand, it basically makes it useless.

# 4 – Stomping Tantrum

Stomping Tantrum in itself does decent damage. The trick is that the power doubles when the move used before Stomping Tantrum fails. This means that the Pokemon will have to lose a turn to take advantage of an attack that does absolutely nothing. At that time, a KO with a single goal could happen, and Stomping Tantrum’s double strength doesn’t even stand a chance.

# 3 – Size

The magnitude is similar to an earthquake. The downside is that its power is completely random. It is a randomly generated earthquake attack. There’s no need to use this move instead of EQ, unless it’s for some weird challenge or for fun. Size should be avoided.

# 2 – Mud Sport

In a double battle, Mud Sport can certainly help. Reduces the efficiency of electrical movements by 50% by five revolutions. In a single fight, this is a loss of turn. More than likely Earth-type Pokemon its use is immune to electrical attacks. There are much better status moves to use than this.

# 1 – A crack

Fissure is one of the legendary moves of OHKO Pokemon. OHKO means one knockout blow. Like many of these moves, the Fissure has only 30% accuracy. OHKO moves are simply not sustainable, other than a difficult challenge for YouTube. If the Fissure misses three times in a row, it is three turns so that the user can be attacked by the opponent Pokemon.

Posted March 20, 2021, 12:17 AM IST