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Top 5 tips to stylize your house in Minecraft




Most beginners Minecraft players can build a base and a full-fledged house, but how do players raise this basic house to a higher level?

It is crucial to style and decorate the material. Each player has a different idea of ​​what he wants in the making, and there are many methods of stylizing the making, other than those described in this article. There is no one easy way to enhance or one style to copy. The design of the house is very subjective. Here are some tips for designing novice Minecraft players.

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Disclaimer: This article is subjective in the opinion of the writer.

How to style your Minecraft house

# 1 Layering

Similar to clothing and fashion, layering your build is one of the easiest ways to catch the eye. This can be done quite simply, like protruding a wooden frame by one block, rather than in line with the wall (see picture below).

Layered wood (image via Minecraft)
Layered wood (image via Minecraft)

# 2 Build with other Minecraft players

Minecraft was created with a multiplayer option for a reason. Building with friends and other players is a great way to learn different styles. It keeps a player’s building skills fresh and can give inspiration when lacking. It’s fun too!

# 3 Use different types of wood

Often players who are just starting out will use the same type of wood for the frame, walls and roof. This seems practical, but for builders who are trying to improve, the use of different types of wood is recommended.

For example, if the walls are oak planks, try using spruce and dark oak steps on the roof. If the support corners are made of oak planks, try replacing them with oak or dark oak wood that could be found on the wood (see picture below). This will add some dimensions to the whole construction.

Different types of wood (image via Minecraft)
Different types of wood (image via Minecraft)

# 4 Add some flaws

The big mistake that beginners make when building a house is trying to do everything symmetrically. In reality, this makes the player base feel unrealistic or static. Adding a window sill on one side and a deck on the other is a great way to shift the focus of the workmanship and add some asymmetry.

Another way to add flaws is to mix materials on stairs or walkways. An example is shown below.

Different path (image via Minecraft)
Different path (image via Minecraft)

# 5 Small details

Small details can be anything from adding a stone base to adding leaves from the side of the house. Some really useful materials for decorating houses are ladders, covers, buttons, leaves, vines and boards. For example, adding a closed door at the top of a window can add a lot of the necessary dimensions for construction.

One nice detail to include are the leaves that run down the side of the wall. The next detail to consider is the design of the open glass window. This can open up the feeling of home and blend the enclosed space with the open.

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