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Tribes of Midgard: Weapons and Tools Guide




The Midgard tribes, an action survival RPG from Norsfell, recently launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on PC via Steam.

In the Midgard tribes, up to ten players can join the co-op and take part in battles against hordes of enemies, including giants, who aim to destroy the seeds of Yggdrasil. Players must gather resources and craft weapons, armor and tools to fight more powerful enemies and protect the countryside.

Both weapons and tools are an important part of the Midgard tribe’s experience.

Weapons in the Midgard tribes

The Midgard tribes they have four categories of weapons. Swords are useful for quick and sharp damage, while Hammers and Axes inflict great damage. Arches are effective for remote damage. Players must gather resources and make weapons from Steiner Kovac from Village VI.

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(Image: Tribes of Midgard Wiki)

Axes in the Midgard tribes

  • Peasant ax (ordinary) – 185 power
  • Raider Ax (Unusual) – 210 power
  • Utgarðov Skeggöx (Rare) – 300 forces
  • Gullveig’s Skeggöx (Epic) – 320 power
  • Fornjót’s ax (legendary) – 340 strength

Swords in the Midgard tribes

  • Peasant Sword I (joint) – 45 strength
  • Peasant Sword II (unusual) – 67 strength
  • Sword Hersir I (joint) – 48 strength
  • Hersir Sword II (unusual) – 70 power
  • Hersir Sword III (Rare) – 105 strength
  • Snake tongue (rare) – 335 strength
  • Gullveig’s Blade (Epic) – power 360
  • Heimdall’s Hofuð (Legendary) – 375 power
  • Lunar Valkyrie Sword (Deluxe Edition PC)
  • Solar Valkyrie Sword (PlayStation Deluxe Edition)

Hammer in the Midgard tribes

  • Peasant hammer (ordinary) – 185 power
  • Feral Hammer (Unusual) – 290 power
  • Múspelheim Maul (rare) – 390 forces
  • Seiðr Hammer (Epic) – 455 power
  • Eira Hammer (PC in presale)
  • Eira Midsummer Hammer (PlayStation in presale)

Bows in the Midgard tribes

  • Peasant onion (common) – 37 forces
  • Frying onion (unusual) – 79 power
  • Utgard’s bow (unusual) – 82 forces
  • Nornir Bow (Unusual) – 85 power
  • Élivágar Tree

Tools in the Midgard tribes

Tools are an essential part of the survival aspect of the Midgard tribe. Players must collect resources and craft items, including weapons, armor, and tools to get better stats. This will help them survive longer against hordes of enemies.

” alt=”(Image: Tribes of Midgard Wiki)” width=”800″ height=”521″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
(Image: Tribes of Midgard Wiki)

Cramps in the Midgard tribes

Voters are used to mine deposits and collect stone resources. Players must gather resources to improve cramps and blast deposits faster.

  • Flint plaster (branches, flint)
  • Stone pickaxe (Quartz pickaxe, stone)
  • Silver pick (Stone pick, stone, silver)
  • Crystal pick (silver pick, cut stone, silver, amethyst)
  • Gold pickaxe (crystal pickaxe, cut stone, gold)

Lumberaxe in the Midgard tribes

Lumberaxes are used to cut down trees and collect wood resources.

  • Flint Lumbeaxe (Branches, Flint)
  • Lumbeax stone (Flin Lumbeaxe, stone)
  • Silver luxeaxe (stone luxeaxe, stone, silver)
  • Crystal lumbeaxe (silver luxeaxe, cut stone, silver, amethyst)
  • Golden lumbeaxe (crystal luxeaxe, cut stone, gold)



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