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Trump advisor ridiculed over his claim that Biden will force people to drink “plant-based” beer





Republican attacks on the Biden administration’s plan for tackling the climate crisis are full of deceptive assumptions, outright lies, and a monstrous stupidity, all motivated by a desire to ensure the industry of fossil fuel continues to pour revenue for the GOP’s stock portfolio of fat people and to provide generously with their campaign funds.

If you’ve ever thought that knowingly understands fear – but it’s completely untrue – warnings are already expressed by the likes of Donald Trump Jr. and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) about Biden’s alleged plans to mandate a ban on American meat consumption is a futile attempt to lure the American public into opposition to action to combat the planet’s environmental degradation , then you’re likely to get a headache when you read. about the latest Republican attack on the Biden administration’s recovery of Donald Trump’s environmental failures.

Larry Kudlow, Trump’s former senior economic adviser, is unfamiliar with Fox News airwaves, who have been frequent guests sent to appear on the previous administration’s network to substantiate its lies about economic issues, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia, and any other issue if where his talent for lying convincingly managed to keep some more doddering senior citizens and low -information voters riding Trump’s train for longer than they could have let.

Kudlow attacked President Biden’s plans to fight the global climate crisis this week in a demonstration Business on Fox which falsely confirmed the administration’s efforts on the Green New Deal platform sought by progressive politicians including Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Speaking about Biden’s Earth Day announcement of a target of a 50% reduction in our nation’s carbon emissions by 2030, Kudlow derided the initiative as toxic for the economy and provided a future for a America full of inadvertent vegans.

“Speaking of fools,” Kudlow exploded, “America needs, get it, America needs to stop eating meat, stop eating chicken and fish, seafood, eggs, dairy and animal -based fats .OK, got that? No burgers on the Fourth of July.No steak on the barbecue …. So get ready.You can throw in a plant-based beer with your grilled Brussels sprouts and wave your American flag. “

Ignoring that no one in the Biden administration proposed anything, Kudlow had the desire to convey the fear to the heart of every burger lover, edible steak, red blood American that he even raised the ghost of what he should have thought is a particularly unattractive beverage option: plant -based beer.

Fortunately, Twitter denizens were quick to insult the lacking recipe former economic adviser for his failure to understand how beer is made and what its ingredients typically consist of.

One is almost amazed at the contempt Kudlow shows for his intended audience of numbskulls on the right that he deliberately believes are too stupid to realize that the beers they are trying are already made from whole plant -based ingredients.

This kind of persuasive manipulation of lies with baseless fears is the basis of Trumpism and a modern Republican party that has not yet achieved a lie that is too daring to spread to achieve their political goal of eternal control. on power levers.

Let’s take a look at Fox Business featuring a segment where Larry Kudlow is forced to drop a pint of his favorite meat -based wine.

Surely that would be more entertaining than enduring Kudlow’s unimaginable propaganda. Cheers on that idea!

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Original reporting by Mary Papenfus of Huffpost.

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