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Trump Insists Republicans ‘Will Not Be Voting’ in 2022 or 2024 If Voter Fraud Claims Are Not Addressed



Former President Donald Trump said Republicans will not appear to vote in the upcoming midterm and presidential elections if his claims of widespread fraud are not addressed.

In a series of statements on Wednesday, Trump said, “Here we are again. After a very long wait, a judge in Georgia refused to let us look at the ballots, which I doubt is terrible. This whole situation is a disgrace to our Country. Why can’t the public see the ballots? ”

“Our Country is going to hell and we are not allowed transparency even in our Election. The people of Georgia deserve to know the truth. So it is not fair to them and our Country. The fight goes on, we will not give up. Our Elections are very corrupt and no one wants to do anything about it! ”He added.

In a separate statement, the former president claimed that the House elite committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol should be “studying massive Presidential Election Fraud.”

“You can’t study on the 6th of January without analyzing the reason it happened, the 3rd of November … If we had an honest media this Election was ousted many months ago, but our media is almost as bad as our political system, ”Trump insisted.


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Finally, he warned, “If we can’t solve the fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election (which we fully and certainly recorded), Republicans won’t vote in ’22 or ’24. This is what -one of the most important things Republicans have to do. “

His statement was defined some as urging Republicans not to vote in the coming election.

However, Liz Harrington, a spokeswoman for the former president, said in a tweet, “President Trump did not say not to vote. He pointed out the obvious consequences of not fixing the fraud and holding accountable violators of the laws would be Republican sitting. “

“If we don’t fix our elections, many voters will think their vote won’t count,” he added.

Ahead of the January runoff election for two seats in the Georgia Senate, Lin Wood, an attorney for Trump, told those attending a rally did not vote for Republican candidates. The two candidates went to the Democrats win the races, which give control to the Senate party.


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Trump also weighed in on runoff races, claimed that they were “illegal and improper,” noted by The New York Times at the time could “complicate his efforts to convince his supporters to come out for Republican candidates in two runoff races.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was “stolen” by widespread fraud. However, many told stories and legal challenges did not alter election results or find evidence of widespread fraud.

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