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Trump lackey releases delusional video painting Trump as a hero who “never got a seat at the table”



Trump lackey releases delusional video painting Trump as a hero who "never got a seat at the table"


American citizens have been able to rid themselves of Donald Trump’s toxic presence inside the White House this past election, but we have yet to get him out of our political scene. As his recent speech at the CPAC and the fanatical devotion still supported by his supporters, the ugliest president in American history remains a powerful force within the Republican Party. Regardless of whether or not he chases the nomination in 2024, he will be a problem we will have to contend with until finally his reddened old body is given to him.

Recognizing this fact, Republican officials remain in lockstep with Trump and his usual successors continue to heap praise on him. Dan Scavino, Trump’s former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, shared a sad, offensive black and white video about today’s embarrassing former president.

The video begins with a series of self-serious photos of Trump as a woman in the voiceover tells us that there is a “certain kind of man who doesn’t accept no for an answer,” an unfortunate choice. of words that immediately provoke many allegations. of rape and sexual misconduct leveled at the former reality show host in recent years.

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The voice goes on to praise Trump as some “trailblazing” hero who ruined the “status quo,” an openly ridiculous trait of someone who shoveled more wealth into super wealth and filled the judiciary with reactionaries mad. . Equally absurd, Trump’s voice – the man who ascended to power in a wave of racism – won out for “brave hatred.”

Even more frightening, the video tells us that Trump “never sat at the table” and thus “he never sat down and acted.” Ever since Trump was born there has been a seat at the table of privilege. He inherited so much untapped wealth from his father and spent his life shearing people, stealing, declaring losses when his business prowess painted him into a corner, and played the victim.

Watching this video will give you a glimpse into the real delusion of his followers looking at him and the perception he understands.

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