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Trump strangely claims that he held many meetings in the Oval Office about “dogs”




Donald Trump has a dog problem. He is not the only one first president in a century without a dog while in the White House, he fproper use of the word “dog” as an insult. He would often say that someone was “shot like a dog,” a rhetorical trick that seems to imply the existence of a massive secret world of dog work where they regularly end up for unsatisfactory job performance. . Using the word dog in this manner is part of a strategy to not humane those he dislikes but it also implies a dislike of dogs themselves.

In the mind of the former president’s aforementioned antipathy for the man’s best friend, the news that his daughter -in -law Lara Trump is sleeping money from a dog rescue organization on the embarrassing former president to take a particular no pleasing color. Big Dog Ranch Rescue already has spend more than $ 1.8 million throwing events at Trump properties since 2014. Lara Trump has been an official chair for the group since 2018.

The organization spent at least $ 225,000 in Mar-a-Lago this past weekend and Donald Trump himself was there, resulting in a truly bizarre clip of him talking about canines. Surrounded by wealthy, white sycophants who make up the majority of his supporters, Trump said it was good to “help the dogs” and then hint that Lara could run for the Senate because apparently, the Trump family is a bad kind of virus that we can only seem to not excise from our political body.

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The former president went on to say that “there are a lot of meetings in the White House and in the Oval Office related to saving and helping dogs,” a really bizarre statement of the deliberately vague kind that Trump regularly uses. . With the same mindset, he said he hears things about animal cruelty at meetings that he says “he never thought were possible.” He still rambled a bit and walked out of the stage.

The whole performance was deeply bizarre, he clearly had no idea what he was talking about, and probably only came close to the microphone because he missed the ongoing attention he got as president. How far has this year’s fall, from running the world’s most powerful country to mumbling about dogs on a stage in Florida.

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