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Trump swoops in with disgusting statement after call with MTG about feud with Ilhan and Nancy Mace




Like a shark smelling blood in water or a pig getting the smell of a slop bucket, Donald Trump is always promising to appear when the smell of racism is in the air, so it’s no surprise to anyone that he crossed over in disgrace and disgusting bigoted smear campaign Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert orchestrate against Rep. Ilhan Omar because she is a Black Muslim woman.

Taylor Greene and Boebert’s antics were so dirty that they even provoked the condemnation of fellow Republican Nancy Mace (R-SC) who probably prompted Taylor-Greene to call big guns to legitimize their racism in the Party loyalists, who by and large still look exclusively at Trump for their marching orders:

Trump chose not to mention Mace by name, however, and instead only tripled down on the despicable and deeply racist conspiracy theories pushed by Greene and Boebert over the past few days.

It’s more of a shame to see a former president push publicly the kind of horrible conspiracy theories coming from the darkest, most despicable corners of the internet-but that’s all we expect from the modern Republican Party and the anointed Its Great Leader. .


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