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Trump’s own incompetence is sinking his post-presidential political career, a new article reveals




Ever since Donald Trump left the White House under the cloud of insurrection incitement, his support within the Republican party has been overwhelming despite his pastoral care to his party in a historic loss of both the presidency and both chambers. of Congress.

Retreating from his residence in Mar-A-Lago, Trump has maintained a low profile since leaving office, as if closing his Twitter account was tantamount to cutting Samson’s hair.

Today, Trump supporters continue to vent their hopes and ambitions on the waning power of today’s weakened bull-in-the-china-shop politics, even to the extent that it can be said that the former president was only accumulates additional strength at his retirement point.

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Aside from wondering if this woman is looking at the same photo we are, Brigitte Gabriel’s statements in her tweets directly contradict people’s assessment of Politico who published an article this morning describing the embarrassed former president as “drifting while in political exile.”

As proof of their contention that Trump’s disorganization, incompetence, and laziness have prevented him from remaining a greater opposition force on President Biden’s agenda to reverse the effects of his dangerous tenure, those who have author of ang Politico article, show some compelling evidence.

They cited his failure to make good his threats to launch a new party to compete with a GOP that still holds some recalcitrant skeptics at his political being and his inability to build a “massive political apparatus to keep his MAGA movement afloat “as examples of his launch after the presidency that even members of his own party recognized that Trump” was disorganized, torn between his role as antagonist and party leader. “

“‘ There is no government policy, no structure and part of it is caused by a lack of understanding of politics on Trump’s behalf, ’said a person close to the former president, noting that Trump struggled to figure out the ropes of politics. after the presidency, ” Politico writes.

“‘It’s like political limbs. He doesn’t have the same political infrastructure that he did three months ago as president,’ added GOP strategist Matt Gorman, who previously served as director of communications for the National Republican Congressional Committee, “the article continued.

Surprisingly, in his semi-tropical recession, Trump is acting not like the “political godzilla many expect he is,” but instead “maintaining close ties with GOP officials committed to supporting incumbents. , remained almost unnoticed, delivered by the somewhat anodyne who was told once he appeared, and offered only sporadic criticism of his successor, Joe Biden.

Even worse, “the cumulative result is political whiplash, as the former president shifts from wanting to support the GOP with his resources and appealing somewhere to one day refocusing on his own brand and thirst for revenge next time, ” Politico opinions

Not surprisingly, Trump’s mismanagement after the White House was rooted in a relentless pursuit of his own interests.

“For any normal politician, it looks like he’s trying to have it both ways but he’s really trying to do it his way, ‘said a former Trump White House official.’ He’s just concerned about maintaining his power and the his conduct in the Republican Party and it does not matter to him how any of the movements he makes affect the long -term success of institutions or individuals other than him. ‘ ”

In other words, Donald Trump is acting outside the Oval Office exactly like he did when he was still the leader-by-the-leader.

“A former administration official who contacted Trump described him as a‘ pinball, ’who said it was his tendency to suddenly change directions or seize a new idea after talking to a friend or adviser in outside – a habit that often fails aides during his time in office – has carried over into his post -presidential life, ”Politico writes.

“‘You have Trump making people’s endorsements without going through the process he approved three days ago,’ the former White House official said. ‘It’s really disorganized.’ ”

“‘Politics is his hobby and he enjoys his hobby between his rounds of golf,’ said a former Trump adviser. ‘His big test is will he run again? Because if he can’t see, you’ll see. people lose interest in the guy next time. As long as he plays theatrical that he’s going to run again, he’s still getting attention and creating headlines. ‘”

The best evidence that the former GOP leader is losing his influence with the Republican Party is the fact that the party ignored his pleas to stop using his name and resemblance in their fundraising appeals even when called. he told his supporters to just give. on Trump’s own political action committee.

Ultimately, Trump may not face the “cancellation of culture” that affects his future political prospects as his own inability – as well as the many lawsuits he is likely to face in the coming months – compete. to work to end his political affiliation faster and more effectively than any wave of public sentiment could.

This could not have happened to a more deserving individual.

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Original reporting by Gabby Orr and Meridith McGraw and Politico.

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