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Try harder: Fox News obsesses over imaginary Biden “press conference” scandal



Try harder: Fox News obsesses over imaginary Biden “press conference” scandal


President Biden has been in office for less than two months and he is ready to sign into law a $ 1.9 trillion relief bill that will improve the lives of vast public areas in America. Isa found the analysis that the pandemic relief package would reduce poverty for Blacks by 42%, Hispanic people by 39%, and white people by 34%. For many, it will be less than life changing and stands as a strong reminder that the election has serious consequences for the daily lives of normal people. If Donald Trump is still in power we will get pittances if any.

The bill is very brush which leaves the conservative media in a tough position. Fox News Tried to grumble about the bill but their attacks proved completely toothless because it was hard to convince them to knock a bill out in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Instead, they were forced to engage in frivolous cultural war issues like Mr. Potato Head’s gender -neutral and some of Dr. Potato’s books. Seuss that is no longer printed. They are hungry for content that explains why their latest approach sadly is to complain that Biden has not yet given a formal press conference as president.

Their big story this morning was that Biden “disappeared fifty days” without a press conference. You will recall that President Trump eventually abandoned giving all press conferences, preferring to let his shortcomings defend the mountain of lies his White House releases every day. At that time Fox there seems to be no problem with the president not giving press conferences but now they want us to believe this is a devastating scandal. If it didn’t matter then, it doesn’t matter now.

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Beyond overt hypocrisy, the commentary itself is completely tripe. Biden did not give a press conference because his Press Secretary Jen Psaki was more than capable of handling the questions that are less compelling currently leveled at the White House. Meanwhile, Biden has really done the work of the American people – something Trump has never even tried to do – and the emerging passage of this relief bill proves that. He will hold a press conference when there is a good reason to hold. Until then Fox News will just keep throwing their little fit.

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