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Turkey Farmers Say Shortage Of Workers Will Delay Production




CHICAGO (CBS) Holidays are right around the corner and this means looking right at the turkey dinner table. But Turkey’s alliance with Butterball is concerned with a strong shortage of supplies this year.

CBS 2 Jackie Kostek has visited a Turkish village in Dundee. They need to work hard to ensure they can work when they demand Talking with some farmers, they say that not only is work, but people are at the bottom of your desk, that is the problem.

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For more than a century, the Harrison Hen Farm has become one of the biggest Thanksgiving guests to come in time for a family dinner.

“All the things that are being produced in Turkey this year have made it harder, especially hard work.”

Kyle Zimmerman and his brother took on family affairs during the pandemia. He says national supply chain issues have increased costs for many people, but he believes that long-standing relationships with small estates don’t have an issue with supply.

“We order chicken every day. When ordering turkey, we get a few orders every week for the year, and after our Thanksgiving order, we have so much time to make a farm plan and discuss it,” Zimmerman said.

Robert Kauffman flies turkey farms in Ho-Ka in Waterman, Illinois. He says it was turkeys. She has people to dress them up, pick up feathers and cook them ready.

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“I was really worried about getting temporary assistance for the mongers,” Kauffman said.

He says he raises about 60,000 turkeys a year, most of which are sold in November. It usually brings in about 100 workers at a time. Now, he has seven.

“I can’t dress like a boneless crew, but I don’t like it. I don’t need numbers. If I had a full line up nicely, maybe we can do 2,500 birds a day. I would like to have more peace,” Kauffman said.

How soon is it too early to claim a stake in the Thanksgiving turkey?

“We are receiving orders now and we notice a lot more orders arrive this year than normal. I think we sell early,” Zimmerman said.

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The owner of the farm in Dundee said turkeys are a small part of his business, but he says he already sells turkeys to his stores; about 250. She will have another two hundred for resale near Thanksgiving.



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