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Twitch “do not ban” list surfaces, reportedly confirms preferential treatment of popular streamers



Recently, Twitch suffered a major data leak that included a range of critical information, such as source codes and monthly payments.

Although monthly payments in particular were the most widely reported aspect of the general leak, several other pieces of information also leaked to the Internet. This includes a “don’t ban” list for creators whose channels are flagged to warn employees that instead of a suspension, the problem must be triggered by a specific Twitch employee for review.

Various smaller creators and members of the Twitch audience have long complained that the platform has favored larger partners. A leaked “don’t ban” list seems to have confirmed these theories, although it has been reported that the list is no longer used.

Twitch’s “don’t ban” list shows the history of favoring major creators

The claim of preferential treatment that Twitch shares with its most popular streamers is a long-standing debate in the community. The leaked newspaper is reportedly no longer active and included a number of popular streamers, such as Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, ​​Bryan “RiceGum” Le, Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar and Hasan Bokhari.

As the list is outdated and no longer used, it does not include some other top content creators, such as Felix. “xQc”Lengyel, Imane“ Pokimane ”Anys or Thomas“ Sykkuno. ”Among them, xQc and Pokimane were especially often said to have avoided violations that otherwise led to longer suspensions.

Leaked List (Picture over in / Rapoga, Reddit)
Leaked List (Picture via in / Rapoga, Reddit)

Therefore, although the leaked list may not be in use at the moment, it effectively proves the existence of favoritism that Twitch uses over its most popular creators. Hasan “HasanAbiPicker, for example, is a controversial, politically charged streamer who made insulting comments about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2019, claiming that America deserved the attack.

The news was followed by Fox News because HasanAbi also insulted the American veteran. The community called for a platform when HasanAbi was suspended for just seven days despite the offensive nature of his overall comments. Similar arguments have been made in view Pokimane i xQc also in recent years.

In particular, xQc was suspended for only a few hours when it broadcast live the Tokyo 2021 Olympics event on its Twitch channel. Similar violations by other smaller streamers led to suspensions that lasted at least a few days. This includes in particular the Twitch channel “RunTheFUTMarket” which was also to blame for the broadcast of events at the Tokyo Olympics. So in short, the leaked list seems to be proof that Twitch is indeed pursuing a policy of favoritism to better protect its most popular content creators.

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