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Two agents exonerated from political violations in the death of Manuel Ellis




Ellis was a black man who died while in police custody. CNN reported earlier. He was heard crying, “I can’t breathe.” police sending audio.

Officer Armando Farinas was investigated for his “application of a spit hood” on Ellis, the police department said. “While the investigation showed that Officer Farinas put the hood on Mr. Ellis, it was found that Officer Farinas’ actions were reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.”

Officer Masiyh Ford was investigated for use of force, the police department said. Although the investigation found that Ford “grabbed Mr. Ellis’ legs to allow him to be detained with a restraint,” he determined that Ford’s actions were “reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances and did not violate the department’s policy.” “.

Acting Police Chief Mike Ake has made the decision to exonerate Farinas and Ford following a review of the internal affairs investigation. The investigation effort was led by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the Washington State Patrol and the Attorney General’s Office, according to the press release.

The two agents will return after weeks of training, said the department.