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Upcoming Valorant Agent Chamber will be playable tomorrow on the PBE server




Valorant’s own test version called PBE was released at the beginning of Episode 3. The motive is to fix and work on the unverified features in the game before releasing them to the main server.

The Valorant public beta environment is not available to every player. Furthermore, a limited time is also available before the patch for the main version of the game appears.

The reason that PBE servers are activated for a short period of time is to save resources.

Typically, a Valorant PBE is issued to catch bugs related to game mechanics. However, this path is also used to test a new agent.

The chamber will arrive at the Valorant PBE server

The news that the Chambers could be played was first revealed by ValorLeaks, a celebrity Valorant leakage. With many credible findings, there is no need to dispute the informant leak.

Chamber will be played tomorrow at PBE | #VALORANT

The fact that the chamber is available on test servers means that players will get their first hand on the agent and learn enough information about him. Knowing Fr. his abilities and mechanics could be a top priority because many are curious about its use in the game.

Currently, Chamber is the most prominent agent in Valorant’s history because it shows great potential in breaking the current target in the game. He is too directly compared to Yoru, which is irresistible despite being a Duelist with the ability to teleport.

Shiick, who is another well-known Valorant leak on Twitter, also shared Chamber’s voice lines. With these discoveries, Valorant knowledge enthusiasts can dive deep into the game and put together its story.

All in all, when Chamber becomes available on PBE, players will get a lot of information about him as well as what to expect from him. Until then, they just have to be patient before the agent finally arrives at Valorant.

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