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US prepares to expand phased entry of migrants forced to stay in Mexico under Trump-era policy




“Starting next week, after virtually registering and testing for COVID-19 at test sites in Mexico, people approved with active cases (Migrant Protection Protocol) will be processed at the port of entry of Hidalgo, TX, “the department said in a statement. , adding that processing will also begin in Laredo, Texas, thereafter.

The effort is specific to immigrants belonging to Mexico’s so-called politics. Three other locations have already allowed migrants to enter the program.

Under former President Donald Trump, the United States forced immigrants from Central America and other parts of the world seeking asylum on the southern border to remain in Mexico until their court hearing in the United States. More than 70,000 people were subject to the program. Many waited months, if not years, in harsh conditions and under threat of extortion, sexual assault and kidnapping.

President Joe Biden ended the program, formally known as Protocols for the Protection of Migrants, and began the process to allow subjects to gradually enter politics. For months, officials meticulously planned the recovery of the policy and collaborated with immigrant advocacy organizations at the border that have worked directly with immigrants.

Since then, the Biden administration has estimated that some 25,000 immigrants still have active cases. This group will be suitable for the first phase of recovery. The administration began the gradual entry of migrants to three ports of entry – in San Diego and El Paso and Brownsville, Texas – last month.
As part of the effort, a tent camp in Matamoros, Mexico – where hundreds of immigrants were left in deplorable condition after undergoing Trump-era politics – he withdrew, a DHS spokesman told CNN earlier this month.
International organizations are collaborating with the process in Mexico. After an individual it is registered virtually and it is confirmed that they are eligible to enter, they are asked to approach a stopping place 24 hours before the crossing date. At the staging site, immigrants test Covid-19. If someone gives a positive, they will be quarantined for ten days. People have to give negatives before they get to the United States.

“Physical presence at a port of entry is not the way to access this gradual effort. The United States continues to strictly enforce existing immigration laws, as well as COVID-19-related travel and border restrictions.” , the department said in a statement.