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Valorant’s creative director opens up about bringing lore with a “meaningful tap” 



Valorant Episode 3 has been around for a while, bringing in a new KAY / O agent and a few game changes. Even after so much time, there is no time for KAY / O has just been discovered.

Before releasing any episode for Valorant, Riot Games has an unusual way to show off their knowledge. To set the theme of each episode, cinematic short films are released to give players some idea of ​​the knowledge.

With the release of Valorant Episode 3, that was certainly not the case. This left players with questions about KAY / O’s knowledge and his reason for being part of the Valorant Protocol.

Valorant’s Undiscovered Doctrine for Episode 3

Riot’s Valorant could be a shooter to the core, but the knowledge he provides certainly makes the game even deeper. Through animated cinematic short films he gives an insight into the past of maps and agents.

Over a period of one year, Valorant has released several short films called Duelist, Retake and Duality. Everyone deals with stories about agents from the Valorant Protocol. The Duality trailer left fans with a hanger on the Earth’s mirror.

After a recent interaction with Twitter user Disturbo, David Nottingham, the creative director of Valorant, made it clear that players will receive little details of Valorant content in the middle of the season.

The narrative team wants to make sure they can pull a “meaningful tap” into the background. Some questions about science have been left unanswered in order to maintain a steady step towards science.

The reason why publishing time takes time is that the narrative team must create a sustainable way to share their knowledge. David also said he wants to create a stronger team capable of throwing out big, medium content with constant small drops.

Players who have been waiting to learn about their favorite agents have to wait a while, as the next content for Valorant will arrive in the middle of this season or episode.



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