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Video shows Harris Co. deputy open fire on man with knife




Cypress, Texas (KTRK) – almost two months after a deputy and a trainee will be involved in the deadly shooting of a man armed with a knife when Julius Caesar County Sheriff’s Office offered a new first-face confrontation in the room he sees.

The incident happened outside of a convenience store at (12) 900 telgo block of Road area of ​​pine-trees, and on 17 April.

The first new footage shows that when it comes time to replace the armed trainee responded, and that it was identified 35 years after Matthew Hurlock.

Representatives of Hurlock found dried blood shirt with his hands on the outside.

Video shows one of the deputies trying to Hurlock they came. He who disowns his Tasers from the running of the feet are arranged in a short time a deputation to go their way: tempts in Hurlock.

At the center of the struggle for a third hour of the wind, and Hurlock deputy, who then gets a hold of the knife, which was something the sheriff’s office highlighted in a 12-minute video footage of compiling the investigation.

To backup the proveditor ‘s Hurlock, and he showed when, with the knife to the suspicion of them. The commissioners, when a fire breaks.

Hurlock shooting death.

Original story; When a knife is shot and killed by deputies Cypress

Assistant Chief Mike Lee explained HCSO video released Tuesday is offering a better understanding of the incident based on the information currently. The investigation remains in its early stages.

Soon after, the sheriff ‘s in this way that is not recovered at the cost of the confrontation by means of an accident is clear to search out by Ed Gonzalez.

“A full thorough investigation has been cited. In standard protocol, including Deputy-involved shooting is investigated by several groups including the da’s office in Cicero Co Institute of Forensic Sciences, and us. Solace go go to the deceased male of the family. We not at all aware of the accumulation of personal video footage of her on the stage. also, our magistrates carried on the body-worn cameras. and these were reviewed with fire. ‘to the former are dynamic & split second decisions are made. with the state of Stahl’s assigned to the work, they did not, for the benefit of God, pausing and rewinding the footage. this the most easy are actively involved on behalf of all the events of. those suffering, and devoted herself, of our soldiers who for my preservation, to be “.

Test news reached the family of Hurlock when released in the video, but declined to comment.

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