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Vikram Rathour explains why Virat Kohli batted at No.4 in the 3rd T20I




Kicking coach in the India team Vikram Rathour discovered why the skipper Virat Kohli struck in 4th place in the 3rd T20I against England. Rathour explained that the team is focused on “experimenting” with hitting before the 2021 World Cup, and the decision to degrade Kohli was part of that process.

This experiment did not have the opportunity to be fully tested, because the Indian highest order collapsed against the English pacemakers, which led Virat Kohli to come out in only the fifth goal. Virat Kohli, however, played his part to perfection. Of the 46 balls, the 32-year-old broke 8 fours and 4 sixes and scored an undefeated 77.

The Masterclass went in vain as India failed to defend a total of 155 and lost by 8 goalkeepers. At a post-match press conference, Vikram Rathour noted that recent changes in the order of strikes are not “long-term” and could be changed during the World Cup.

“Nothing is long-term, we’re just experimenting. I think this could be the last series and the last few T20 games before the World Cup. So we’re just experimenting a little bit and trying out a few possibilities. And we’ll see where Virat has to hit. He’s someone with with his experience he can hit any number. We will see during the World Cup where the team will need him to hit, “said Vikram Rahour.

Although Virat Kohli hit most of his international T20 career at once, he also played in 4th place 14 times before this game. He accumulated 422 runs averaging 42.20, hitting 144.52 as he hit the position.

Experiments for the remaining games have not yet been decided: Vikram Rathour

Vikram Rathour
Vikram Rathour

Vikram Rathour has not revealed whether India plans to try even more things in the future. He, the team leadership, has yet to discuss it.

“It’s a debate [about experimenting in the remaining games] I don’t think the team management has had one so far. So we’ll see, we have a day until the game. I think the debate will take place tomorrow and we will see what we need at this stage, ”Vikram Rathour.

England are ahead in the series with a difference of 2-1. The fourth match will be played on March 18 at the same place and at the same time.

Posted March 17, 2021, 12:22 AM IST