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Virginia Gov. Northam restores voting rights to 69,000 former felons with new policy




North is action, first shared with CNN, pot or slow, ex-convicts to expand freedom in the state, and just months before the Virginia governor in elections and laws of the state.

It also occurs in the middle of the line around the country and has the right to vote. Republican-controlled legislatures are moving to clamp down on access to the ballot. As in the February 19, the legislators in the cities of 43, more than 250 had been laoreet which they had wrought of gold, they are contained, are already to take on the voters, to the exceptions, according to the tally, from the Brennen of righteousness, in the Center for New York University. Georgia and Florida – two states that are traditionally Republican President Joe Biden backed last fall – led to a new way of pushing subnavigation.

Former remove obstacles to voting in some states have been engaged in a partisan sense because it is likely to support Democratic candidates band vote.

Under current law in Virginia, convicted of a felony and lost array of civil rights, the right to vote or run for public office serve a Grand Jury. The power of the republic, that he may give them the Constitution on the governor said, Why make it good: their one and only law and civil law.

Previously, the state plan required former felons serving finish “active supervision” between faith probation and before those of their rights restored are capable of being captured. North Virginians have no effect on those who are released from prison still remains; but only for credit or probation are eligible to vote.

On Tuesday, Northam said it’s unfair to deprive former contribution of its own rights of those who have served their time.

“Probationary can last years. However, it’s also a time in which a person who is in the city, and have finished their souls,” he added. “We must be able to exercise civil rights, even if they are still under supervision.”

“These folks vote or exercise other civil send it to a public health risk,” he said. “We’re in a state believes that second chances. And the remission of sins. We want people to move forward – not to be bound in its past mistakes.”

State officials in advance announcement, reviewed reports to the former Department of Corrections that criminals may meet the criteria know, and I will restore the rights of Northam Jacob said Tuesday 69,045 people, said Song Thomasson, Virginia’s secretary of the commonwealth.

“We make a technical change that has a big impact,” he told CNN in an interview Thomasson Tuesday morning. “He does not deserve to permanently withdrawn rights for error you have. But do you know about the people treated equally and fairly. “

There is no more than 69,000 Virginians of which has been assigned to the rights of demographic Thomasson Mars, and were restored to them.

Nationally, nearly 5.2 million Americans can not vote because of felony Project idea, according to the sentencing. That is done mainly by the barrier, Greek: They are barred from the ballot box are one of the people to vote for the offense, the age of 16 The black laws of almost four times out of the non-disenfranchisement and of a comrade, the data show that the rate of Black America.

Northam latest in a series of actions in Virginia to expand into heaven as a whole. With the announcement Tuesday, the exercise of voting rights of Northam said to give more than 111,000 people in the office during the season. The governor of the border, and the end is not the same ballot this fall in Virginia.

His predecessor, Gov. former Mark McAuliffeDecided to push to restore their voting rights to all of its more than 156.000 Virginians among his proudest achievements, “as governor. A Democratic McAuliffe is seeking to repeat this year of the election period.
to measure Recently elected to the state assembly next year and is already going to win voter approval report shall be established before you.
Thomasson said change is difficult to predict how many different feelings and Virginians announced Tuesday he said to her that was due to expected restore voting rights from evolving further to fulfill the terms of their reach, or to state prison officials.
From Virginia to it can be as much as his fist, even the cities of it still needs to restore a governor to the right votes in the case that he does so. In 18 states, felons received restoration of voting rights that once they are released from prison, at the Conference of State Legislatures.

In Maine and Vermont, Washington, 600, felons never lose their voting rights, even if they are behind bars.