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Warnock Calls It ‘Almost Impossible To Overstate’ the Need To Pass Voting Rights Legislation




Given where Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) The importance of passing voting rights legislation after some Republican lawmakers pushed for restrictions restricting access to polls.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough asked Warnock how important it was for his fellow Democrats to work together to pass HR1, also known as For Human Law, as well as John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act.

“It’s almost impossible to say how important it really is. We’re at an inflection point. It’s a moral moment in America, a defining moment in our history. Voting rights are not just one issue along with other issues. It’s about who we say we are, it’s about our covenant with each other as an American citizen, ”Warnock replied.

He continued, “And so we’re on board. I know there’s a big debate about the filibuster, I’m sure we’ll have that debate. But my argument is that voting rights are greater than the filibuster, and should be. let’s pass on voting rights whether we remove the filibuster or not. ”

In his maiden speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Warnock compared the voting restrictions to “Jim Crow with new clothes,” as Reported by IJR.

“Some politicians disapproved of the choice made by the majority of voters in a enthusiastic election where each side had the opportunity to give the case to the voters,” Warnock said.

He added, “Instead of adjusting their agenda, instead of changing their message, they are busy trying to change the rules. We are now witnessing a massive and unresolved attack on voting rights unlike any other. of anything we’ve seen since the time of Jim Crow. This is Jim Crow with new clothes. ”

Lawmakers across the country are already reported advocates for legislation limiting early and absentee voting, increasing ID requirements for voters arriving at the ballot box, and eliminating automatic and same-day voter registration.

Even 250 laws proposed in 43 states would limit mail, early personalization, and voting on Election Day.


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