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Was Donald Trump wearing a diaper at his speech last night?




Donald Trump left his Mar-a-Lago retirement home to re-engage in public political life last night at the North Carolina Republican state Convention, but the most notable thing that came out of his time and a half long major the speech was not either his tired lies about a stolen election that made up most of what he said, but the chronic speculation as to whether the former POTUS had put his pants backwards and wore a diaper.

Twitter commentators immediately began circulating photos of Trump at the convention stage – wearing what looked like zippered pants with noticeable padding around his pelvis – mocking the infertility -protected clothing. of the restraint that the 74-year-old former president seemed sent to endure the long speech.

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Of course, few people were able to comment on the content and delivery of Trump’s speech, even if they didn’t admire him more than those who couldn’t get through the diaper.

Trump’s return to the political stage may not be as successful as he thought, but somehow it is more noticeable for his fierce appearance than any new instigator towards political violence or claims of a restoration. of August.

Hopefully, Trump will soon be involved in defending himself in court against the flood of litigation he faces to continue to appear before his admirers and we will all be saved at the sight of his bulge that Depends.

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Vinnie Longobardo
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