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Watch: When Jake Paul got submitted in an MMA fight




While Jake Paul claiming he had no plans to venture into the world of MMA, he once donned four-ounce UFC gloves in an unofficial MMA fight.

He took the former Bellator fighter AJ Agazarm at one of the UFC gyms and reported in the second round of their bout.

It was 2017 and Paul was not exposed to martial arts at the time. After reloading several attempts to remove Agazarm, the fight eventually went to the mat where the former Bellator star secured a full mounting position.

Agazarm freed the heavy ground and struck as Paul did his best to defend himself. Hoping to get out of danger, YouTuber moved his legs desperately, but to no avail.

In the second round Agazarm shot to remove one leg and Paul was immediately on his back. The 31-year-old BJJ expert successfully locked Paul’s left arm between his legs, causing him to tap.

You can watch the complete fight below:

On the eve of Paul’s amateur boxing debut against Deji, invited Agazarma to spar.

The ‘Child with a Problem’ seemed to be better than Agazarm on striking exchanges.

Rivalry of AJ Agazarma with Jake Paul

AJ Agazarm is best known for his knowledge of BJJ. The 31-year-old has represented America at several world championships in BJJ and has plenty of gold medals under his belt.

Although his MMA fight with Jake Paul was a friendly encounter in which they both acted cordially with each other, their relationship has recently deteriorated.

After Jake Paul’s victory over Nate Robinson last year, Agazarm embarked on a fierce attack on his former friend.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to the entire martial arts community for the actions of my son Jake Paul after winning a fake boxing match against NBA players, my son has obviously forgotten how to behave … Jake, I have already taken off my belt (literally ) once and hit you in front of your whole team. I literally had to calm your mom down because she was so worried that you would get hurt in this MMA fight with me, “Agazarm wrote in a Facebook post.

Agazarm is 3-2 as a professional MMA fighter. After suffering a nasty knee injury in his last fight at Bellator, he was subsequently released from promotion.

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