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We asked, you told us: Most of you switch off Bluetooth, NFC when not in use




Photo of true wireless earbuds on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live noise canceling case.

credit: Lily Katz / Android Authority

Do you turn off your smartphone’s Bluetooth and NFC radio when not in use? It’s a seemingly harmless question that really made everyone talk.

in Recent vote, We have requested your views on your daily Bluetooth and NFC usage habits. Here’s how to vote.

Do you turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not in use?

Bluetooth and NFC voting results

Initially, the website surveyed readers, but they also added surveys to Twitter and YouTube. Interestingly, voters’ views of the site are quite different from those of social networks.

Above Android permissions, Of nearly 9,800 respondents, 49.5% said they turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not in use. This means that our website readers prefer to leave both all day long. But it doesn’t seem to be the case for people who vote on other sites.

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More than Twitter, Of about 7,700 respondents, 57% said they were turning both off when they weren’t needed. Youtube I echoed this result. 66% of the voters who took part in the poll admitted to turning off Bluetooth and NFC.

In particular, the comments suggest that the answer is slightly more subtle than yes or no. Some users leave Bluetooth on while NFC is turned off. Others kill Bluetooth while leaving NFC on. Some admit they don’t use NFC at all. Ultimately, the answer will depend heavily on the individual user’s unique use case.

Some more interesting anecdotes can be found below.

This is what you said.

  • James manssell: No need to use Pixel 5. You can use the battery for up to 2 days even with Bluetooth turned on, so you no longer need to turn it off.
  • B. Niess: I want to use NFC more. Paying with it is the only reason I have enabled it.
  • Wongwatt: Bluetooth is mainly turned on to connect to my car, and it is always off because I don’t use NFC. It’s easier for me to tap the card.
  • Mitchell Wrightman: Leave Bluetooth turned on for the Covid tracking app unless for another reason.
  • NexyTheTechie: Yes, the little icon in the notification bar annoys me.
  • Just internet burger: Currently, my phone doesn’t have NFC, but I have a smartwatch, so the bluetooth stays on.
  • Samuel Tan: Well, I turned on Bluetooth because of my smart watch, but only turn it off while sleeping. NFC is an almost useless feature in Korea because it uses a QR code in an electronic wallet instead of an NFC terminal.
  • Marlon Johnson: no. In these modern devices, leaving the power on has been shown to have little or no impact on battery life.

This is a Bluetooth and NFC survey. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have further thoughts or survey results about Bluetooth and NFC, please drop them below.


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