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We asked, you told us: These two things would make you leave Android




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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

It would be difficult to imagine a modern smartphone world without smartphones. android. Google’s operating system supports phones from almost all companies. apologize. There are few signs that Android’s growth and popularity will slow down in the next few years.

But what does it take to leave Android? That’s the question we asked our readers. last vote. Below is the result.

What does it take to leave Android?


This was a hugely popular poll, just under 24,000 votes, since it went live on August 24th. Despite the numerous responses, two choices caught the reader’s attention. “Google locked it iOS“And “A Better Alternative OS Appears” were the two most popular options, with 27.7% and 24.6% of the vote respectively. Interestingly, more readers are interested in Android’s transition to iOS than the update becoming a premium feature. The latter choice received only 18.9% of the votes.

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The other three choices received considerable support. The first place was ‘lack of innovation’ at 9.3%, followed by ‘abandonment of major OEMs’ with 7.2%. Surprisingly, readers won’t abandon Android even if Google sells it, and only 6.6% of respondents choose this option.

Overall, it is unlikely that readers will have to make this choice, at least sooner or later. There are few signs that Google is planning to shut down Android. Numerous alternatives have come and gone, but none have really risen to the level of popularity or functionality of Android.

In particular, at least 5.7% of our readers provided their own reasons. You can find some of them below.

your opinion

  • fateful day: I would consider leaving Android if iOS offered the same kind of freedom that Android offers, such as easy plugging, dragging and dropping files, without going through apps like iTunes. Another case is when Apple is removing the walled garden, allowing the device to work better with third-party hardware.
  • It’s Win: The day Google stops producing Pixels is the day I buy the iPhone.
  • bire: I would leave Android only for great open source alternatives.
  • kiss: Mine is simple. SD CARD. I have a note 9 and no matter how old it is, I still use the SD card though. You can also download music and videos without going through all the steps in iTunes.
  • LCD1701: There has to be a cataclysm like the collapse of Google before I consider leaving Android, and it will be like Microsoft going hungry. It won’t happen. I don’t want a forced UI that isn’t custom friendly. I’m not a power user, but I’m not an unenlightened sheep either.
  • laubin: I’d probably only dive into OSes that are more privacy-focused. With an OS that respects my data, there is a decent updater that every OEM should respect, but it still offers Android’s many customizations and feature sets. Simply having a great new OS may not be enough.
  • disqus_jdDrXoKt8V: I prefer which platform has better protection and more control over my privacy. Until recently, iOS seemed to do a better job than Android in protecting users from advertising, marketers, and generally not selling user information. But now Apple has taken action that violates the end-to-end cryptographic integrity of messaging. There are no good choices!
  • Derek Jennings: It seems that you are already leaving because you are tired of not paying attention to Google. Wear v2 has shut down Play Music for YouTube Music, a piece of garbage that rarely works and doesn’t even support the Google Assistant, and others like this continue to show just how little they care about their core customers.
  • Blaze 19: When webOS returns.
  • Zagreus: For me, the OS isn’t everything and it’s not the end of everything. For me, “Android” is the base OS where all other OS variants are similar, but unique and with their own set of complaints and features. We’ll leave all versions of Android for hardware features, a 3.5mm jack small enough for practical use with one hand, and a combination of wireless charging and a decent SoC. The best I’ve seen is 3 out of 4 (iPhone 12 mini, Pixel 4a, etc). If it’s not noticeably expensive, I’d also consider the Xperia 1 III.
  • Brian: Bring your Windows Phone back. Yes, it is serious.
  • Lucenator: I stuck with Symbian to the end. You can do the same on Android.

This survey ends here. Thanks for all the votes and comments. What makes Android leave? Do you agree with the poll results? If you have any additional thoughts, please write them below.


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