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Weekend poll: If the Oppo Find X3 Pro came to the US, would you buy it?




Oppo launched last week Three new Find X3 series phones, The flagship X3 Pro has a new trick. Whether you think it’s a trick or not, there’s a new “micro lens” camera that lets you take almost microscopic pictures. We have it Pretty cool. Of course, there are other things to consider when buying a mobile phone, but most flagships in 2021 will pick up these boxes. If you’re in the US with this unique smartphone, do you feel you’re missing out?

It was a personal frustration for me that so many good phones couldn’t go to America. When Android Police reviews budget and mid-range smartphones, they usually keep an eye on the U.S. market, and places like India and China are areas with huge advantages. Readers are always quick to point out that phones from companies like Nokia and Motorola really can’t compete. Redmi and Real me That is absolutely true. Unfortunately, you can’t import it from the US without importing the model. It is full of precautions..

The micro lenses on the Find X3 Pro are cool.

In the middle of the last decade, there was hope that more of these Chinese brands will be launched in the U.S., and OnePlus was evidence that they could disrupt the market and succeed. LeEco is a name I don’t remember right now, try and failed. Xiaomi Expressing little interest,But recent politics It is very likely that any plans have been put on hold, and most Chinese companies expect to put them on hold until the situation changes.

With the new Oppo Find X3, my frustration about the lack of options in the US market has reached a new peak. Not only does it lack mid-range options, it’s also missing out on this fun new flagship feature. And although you can still find the Chinese-style Android mediocrity, mile Better than before.

This could be simply a matter of “me”, and it may be a problem specific to tech bloggers in our little bubble, but I’m curious if any of our US-based readers will consider buying the Find X3 Pro if it comes here.

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