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West Palm Beach man arrested after smoke bomb outside Mar-a-Lago causes crash




PALM Beach, FL. – A West Palm Beach man was arrested on Sunday after tossing a smoke bomb outside the former Mar-a-lake’s Club President Donald Trump and the carnage that evening crash, police said.

Rawls Jr. Paul, 38, of the ordinances which was against the charges of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the surveillance video shows the driver of a Volkswagen throw “and the smoldering device” in Mar-a-tank of the front window, where the Trump alive after leaving the White House.

And the frame and thick smoke emanating from the South Ocean Ave crash.

Palm Beach Gardens police detective Christopher Barber was written, no injuries, although the cause of the crash more than $ 1,000 worth of damages to the vehicles involved.

At Beach County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad was called Laban does not find additional threshing machines.

I have written for a man, may be seen above, by the affidavit Renault, as I see Rawls would be paid him. Rawls The barber, when it is said to speak with a crackling noise from the traffic, in the Palm Beach Gardens, Rawls And it was told to him, “I know that you yourself want to speak to me.”

However, the cause of the affidavit of probable items found in the writings of Paul: the screen shot in the Ford Rawls Jr.

The latest beach Department

These images, which is included in the machine is the probable cause affidavit to Paul, Rawls Jr., Renault showed when, after the items found in his understanding of it.

Rawls then talk with the Harbor Beach, the latest Department. Rawls into the conference said the barber and said, “I know you here. There they threw a smoke bomb. It is for everyone to see.”

Rawls said of the soldiers behind the barber goes without saying that this was a fight, I Army veteran.

“Groans and Rawls financial deadly poison for the body (so) that the former administration is moving his government has not received the check by the weekend,” Barber wrote.

During the search of Rawls’ Listen, police found more than a dozen other people smoke bombs, six bottle chili element of the valley, but a lighter fires and the four, along with other items.

Rawls appeared in court Monday when a judge set his bond from $ 21,000. For his release, and is not to be allowed to Rawls does not remain in the house of the comprehension of all we had neither weapons.



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