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What did Jon Gruden say? Raiders HC alleged sent email with racist language in 2011




Jon Gruden he used to be the center of attention, either because of his coaching methods, personality, and even as a commentator. But there is no happy reason for that Gruden be the center of attention today. In fact, it is disturbing.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Gruden, now Las Vegas Raiders head coach, sent an e-mail to Bruce Allen, former team president Washington Football Team, In 2011, where he used racist, heartless language to refer to NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

NFL Statement: “Jon Gruden’s e-message denigrating DeMaurice Smith is horrible, disgusting and completely contrary to NFL values. We condemn the statement and regret any damage that its publication could cause to Mr. Smith or anyone else. ”…

What did Jon Gruden say about NFL Executive Director DeMaurice Smith?

The NFL and NFLPA were in a difficult position in 2011 because the two sides could not agree on the terms of the new CBA, leading to a blockade that threatened the 2011 NFL season.

In an e-mail to Washington Football Team President Bruce Allen, Gruden called NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith “Dumborris Smith” and said he “had lips the size of Michelin tires.”

At the time, Gruden worked for ESPN as an analyst at Monday Night Football, seven years before returning to coaching with the Raiders. The Raiders received an e-mail regarding the incident, and Gruden addressed players on Friday regarding the issue. The coach later told ESPN:

“It may not have been the best time of my life. I betrayed a lot. I never felt we were getting the truth and the honesty. I’m ashamed to offend De Smith,” Gruden said, adding, “I never had a racial affiliation I thought when I used it. I’m ashamed of what’s out there. I certainly never thought it sounded so bad. “

Will Gruden be punished for alleged racist email?

There is no word on whether Gruden will face discipline from the NFL. The league is reportedly considering the matter. The Raiders issued a statement saying the content of the email was “disturbing, not what the Raiders are advocating.” The organization also said it was resolving the issue with Gruden and would have no further comments.

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The incident came to light after an investigation into more than 650,000 e-mails from the Washington Football Team, which the league recently investigated following reports of misconduct in the workplace in Washington.

Jon Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, used a racist trope when he described the executive director of the best NFL players in an e-mail in 2011.

DeMaurice Smith, who is under pressure to keep her job as NFLPA’s chief executive, issued a statement regarding Gruden’s e-mail:

“This isn’t the first racist comment I’ve heard, and it probably won’t be the last. This is a thick-skinned job for someone with dark skin, just as it’s always been for many people who look like me and work in corporate America. You know that people sometimes say things behind your back that are racist, just like you see people talking and writing about you using thinly coded and racist language. This kind of racism comes from the fact that I’m at the same table they are and don’t think someone who looks like me belongs. I’m sorry my family has to see something like this, but I’d rather they know. I won’t let it define me. “

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