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What is a decent hit rate in online slots?



One of the facets that most gamblers tend to pay attention to, or evaluate before setting out to play online slots is the hit rate of the game. It is one important characteristic for online slot gamblers.  There are thousands of online slot games with 500 free spins to choose from on the online casino platforms and makes the range much more substantial. A decent hit rate is very well calculated and when calculating, it is done by the bonus that’s won and the landing bonus – play at

The Slot machines are made in a way that brings about negative outlooks, which makes losing higher than winning at each game, so players tend to pay good attention to win and not lose. Hit rate counts in the rounds even if you don’t win. The hit frequency is a reasonable concept to comprehend other metrics used to determine pay-outs. To understand what a decent hit rate in an online slot is let us take a look at some of these terms below and things to look of for to get one; 

Variance Rating

Hit rate covers the general average of how slots pay on a small level, let’s say results do not align, one metric can be used to tell the other, so we can say a high variance is assumably to have a low hit frequency with the pay-out being spaced out, so also is a low variance possible to have a high one. Just like the hit rate is not disclosed by the software developers so also is the variance rate. 

RTP Rate

Return to play rates are used to foresee winning on slot machines and are used to assess the fairness of a game. Most times it is also used to give players an impression of slots capable of awarding them by winning. It thereby keeps the gamblers in business as they help to proportion the profits. It offers the true chance of up to one hundred percent. 

Bonus Features

slots that present high hit frequency usually features small bonuses, and the software providers input a lot of bonuses for games with low hit frequencies. These bonus features include free spins, scatters wilds, and bonus games which tend to pay at lower rates. 

Payout Values

The hit frequency of a slot also has consequences on winning values. You can foresee the hit rate of a game by going through the pay-table. Pokies with small payouts have high hit rates, although they do not offer tangible winnings, they appear to have a higher chance of providing payouts. 

Consider the hit rate

The high ratio does not determine how much a player can win; it all has to do with the possibility of a gambler halting on a winning variety.

A slot with high-frequency rate pays payouts that are smaller than what the player could expect. 


A decent hit rate is one which you need to pay scrutiny when playing slot games because it can be misleading. It would not be advisable for a player to choose a slot based on its hit rate, however, pay attention to the Variance Rating, return to play rates, and Bonus Features.

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