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What we know about the jurors selected so far in Derek Chauvin’s trial




In order Tuesday afternoon, the six men and three women were selected to serve on the jury trial in Minneapolis. The jury of nine, five were white, black, two kinds: one is Hispanic and is mixed into the atrium, which says that judges identified.

the jury selection processHe began on March 9 Hennepin County Government Center, will continue until the people in the 14 – 12 jurors and two alternates, Hennepin County Spenser Bickett construct a communications director told CNN.
Floyd, a 46 years old black man, died May 25, 2020, after Chauvin, the latest live white former officer, placed on the knee of a long, Carl Perkins, while the altars, “I can not breathe.” The final moments were captured on videoAfter that he brought under the banner of the great life of the death cries out in protest against the magistrates, and racism and oppression of the kinds of matter should confront him and then also to the great tumults in the Black turned to plunder.
Chauvin pleaded not guilty to murder, and with the intention second step, step-charge of murder. Is guilty of a third degree, to put to death those who did not strive for it also to the judgment, which was the if at the aforesaid in the same, on July 11.

How to begin with before, in plain words, without waiting for February 29, it follows, that they can not grasp a proof about the four weeks.

he selected

In this video, imaging, Eric defense attorney, Mark left the former officials tomato Derek Chauvin officer in the ears of the judges reading the court Wednesday, March 10.
All the jurors come Hennepin County, which demographically 74%, about 14% Black and White; according to the number of data.
Future for jurors a 16-page questionnaire completed earlier Niger, the thoughts of the policing of the matter concerned demands it, and the rest of his life. And the great court, which is bounded by the man, and they began to discuss the process, by an oath, which is in the one-by-voir dire. For your name, address and other information are kept anonymous.

Eric complains defense speech for future judges, when Steve Schleicher is the case for the prosecution after questioning them. Judge Peter Cahill trial committee.

Seven days of jury selection jurors chose four last week. Two judges have graduated on Monday.

, Priors of the jurors have not put an end to. The court plans to Zoom on the question of what to search for the seven judges selected first heard about $ 27 million settlement with the city’s estate Perkins and is assaulted by them, if that is just and right that may grant the faculty in the wake of.
In jury selection begins Derek Chauvin & # 39;  In view of death, George Floyd.  Here & # 39;  I do expect

The first juror was selected in the 20s or 30s white man who works as a chemist and said he has an analytical mind.

According to the judge, and the woman was in the 20s and 30s seem to be in the color that is, in accord with pool, extending from a reporter’s observations in the court. She said: “super excited” about getting the jury questionnaire form.

30. The third judge the person who chose a white pupil.

Fourth late 30s or 40s white jury was told her “successful” Black also life sentence. Then, too, it is considered the more correct than the other one, said the captain of the witnesses are to be believed. The judge is planning to get married on May 1 and told the court that he could stay if that person is a trial marriage.

“Go ahead and throw me on the bus with his fiancée,” the judge joked. The judge responded: “Well, I do.”

The fifth juror has been selected in the 30s or 40s Black man who moved to the US 14 years ago and has worked in information technology. He said that he was “somewhat negative” Chauvin opinion, which strongly disagreed Defunding the police and the police will make her feel safe.

The sixth was a juror in the 20s or 30s, Hispanic, according to a pool reporter’s observations. And those who work on the truck driver, said Chauvin “showing off their authority gave me the impression is” on a video Carl death, but did not say this, but it would have been complied with Perkins police.

The seventh judge woman in her 50s White House, according to the court. He has a “somewhat negative” impression of Chauvin and believes biases against African Americans, but they are not all bad system. She said she felt empathy for Perkins leaders that “I’m sure at the end of the day the fact that there is no intention to be done.”

30. On the eighth judge chose a black man lives according to the law saying Black’s opinion was a good thing. And he thought Chauvin “intention” to offend anyone, but it could be said that the trial decline.

The ninth is selected white woman judge in the 50s, according to the court. She had a “somewhat negative” impression he wrote them in Chauvin got the impression that they care about, “Floyd.

He who was excused,

To limit the spread of plexiglass barriers to Covid-19 were installed in the market from the Hennepin County Government Center.

If the person can not be indifferent to the defense and prosecution in the case believes that a person can ask the court to Moses: Go to the cause. The side of each of the challenges for the cause of the free woman.

Prosecutors and judges will be without defense lawyers can also move to release the cause, which means’s called a peremptory challenge. Chauvin’s team challenges and the prosecution is allowed 15 days to nine. These are the challenges that it is unable to emend the challenged decision being a decisive, though, if you do not according to its kind, distinguished either by sex ethnicity – Batson which is a challenge.

The defense has used 11 peremptory strikes and five prosecution be used as Tuesday.

The defense is most often used in the strikes its negative opinion expressed Chauvin, who is Black and positive views on the matter, with reference to his suit, which strikes most often used in the White House expressed support for the police.

The defense used in the Tuesday strike, which appeared in his 30s or 40s. He spoke to the man who knew about court $ 27 million for the Carl Orff’s and the family and the city, third-degree murder charges for the reinstatement In Chauvin.

The potential juror had a “very negative” from Chauvin and wrote on a questionnaire impression that “George Perkins were so many had been killed by police officers.”

He said the court could apply the presumption of innocence unless there because it’s a really tough for me to do. ‘

As long as the term of use of which is the defense of the right of appeal to them, What are the peremptory time limit of that smiteth a man, so that, after the lunch break in pieces the answer to which we returned, they sent and a judge in a case, the judge to strike the mark.

Cicero on defense attorney told the judge should approach a judge who knows the lay out any potential cause of child pre-trial agreement or the agreement of the discussions about prejudice.

Steve might begin to worry over the charge to be answered Schleicher $ 27 million no matter rested, the defense asking the judge who is lying judges to presume that potential.

But said he would not return to the defense while Judge Cahill strike, do not disregard the juror and not simply say that they use the “magic words” that can be fair and impartial.

Brad Parks and Carma Hassan CNN’s attention to this report.