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Where are safes in Fortnite: Every known safe location in Season 6




Some Fortnite players are on their way to ending the 9th week challenges, although other players are still stuck looking for safes.

The players were challenged with a new assignment during week 6 because they needed to find at least three safes in Fortnite An island. Of course, the main reason why this challenge was so daunting for some is that the spawning rate for these safes is extremely random.

Fortunately, below is a list of most safe locations that can be used to find them easily.

Safe locations in Fortnite

As mentioned, safes are very hard to find in Fortnite. It’s especially harder because there’s never a guarantee that they’ll be in the same place, because their spawning points change every time a new match starts. Fortunately, there are a number of POIs that carry most safes.

Misty Meadows

(Picture via Epic Games)
(Picture via Epic Games)

If a player lands on Misty Meadows, the chances of finding at least one of the sixteen possible safes in the POI are almost guaranteed. Basically, when they’re at Misty Meadows, players can bump into any building and find a safe. There are about sixteen buildings, which means that there is at least one safe in each building.

Sweaty sands

(Picture via Epic Games)
(Picture via Epic Games)

Sweaty Sand is the second best location in Fortnite to find a safe or two. Here players can find safes on the top floor of the hotel building, the hotel pool, the car park across from the hotel, the caravan and the houses on the lower south side.

Similar to Misty Meadows, this Fortnite POI has a safe for almost every building. Still, the player’s best bet is a park with trailers and a south house at the bottom of the POI.

Pleasant Park

(Picture via Epic Games)
(Picture via Epic Games)

The cozy park has a total of ten possible safes, these safes are divided into groups of three to four per POI. Fortnite players can find one safe in each building on the left, so one safe for each house. On the lower right side of the POI, two separate houses can contain up to one safe.

On the upper side of the area there are two buildings, where each house contains one safe. Finally, there is one large house on the upper right side of the POI, where players can find up to two safes on the west side of the building.

Dirty docks

(Picture via Epic Games)
(Picture via Epic Games)

As for Dirty Docks, there are a total of nine possible safes. Fortnite players can find them in the main warehouse, crane, middle warehouse, storage unit space, and the entire upper left side of the map. These safes are mostly located in the lower corners of buildings or on the upper side.

Lazy Lake

(Picture via Epic Games)
(Picture via Epic Games)

And finally, the best possible Fortnite place to find a safe is Lazy Lake. Fortnite players can find a total of eight safes on this POI. Together, safes are best found in the upper right part of the location. Players can find the first two at the very top of Lake Laza in two different buildings, and another on the left a larger house that has a dock on lake. And finally, there is one safe by the south pool and one safe in the farthest building down to the right.

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