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Where is the Wandering Bone Collector located in Destiny 2? 




Destiny 2 has over ten unique quests that lead players to exotic weapons. From hand cannons to heavy machine guns, the Guardians have to overcome significant challenges in order to get hold of one of these weapons.

However, the search for an exotic rocket launcher is quite tricky, involving players in collecting “bones” scattered around the moon. These targets are part of the Symphony of Death task line, which provides a fairly concise description of the first two bone locations.

There is a major issue in Bungie’s third game since the goal is not clearly defined. He simply says, “Collect from the wandering bone collector on the moon.”

Wandering bone collector and two other bone locations in Destiny 2

A bone collector can be found at Anchor of Light on the moon. For starters, Destiny 2 players will have to degenerate at the Sanctuary waypoint and head right. After that, the road is fairly one-way until you come across an intersection further divided into four routes. A bone collector lives in the area.

If players can’t find it, waiting two to three minutes will also help create a creature. With a healthy yellow ribbon, the bone collector is a hive helper. Sam doesn’t wear a lot of armor, so it won’t be difficult for players to kill him.

Everyone should now be given a mission item known as the “Core of the Bone Collector,” which will help advance the exotic quest for Deathbringer.

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Location of a wandering bone collector (picture via Destiny 2)

Although the step itself might seem easy after completion, Bungie gives no indication of the area of ​​the bone collector. However, the Destiny 2 community acts quickly in such cases, making it easier for fellow Guardians to complete their tasks.

Apart from the bone marrow, the other two goals are relatively simple in comparison. The first bone can be obtained by completing a public event in the Hellmouth region, and the second is in K1 Revelations lost sector.

“Sing them a lullaby of death and nothing more.” The bringer of death. It’s all in the name.

The Deathbringer in Destiny 2 is the optimal heavy weapon after pairing with a catalyst. As Gjallarhorn’s return approaches, it will be interesting to see if the empty exotic rocket launcher from Shadowkeep has any value at all.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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