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Which former MMA champion is Jake Paul fighting on April 17, 2021?




Jake Paul is ready to exchange punches with the former MMA champion, Ben Askren April 17, 2021. The former UFC fighter will face Jake Paul in an 8-round boxing match under the Triller Fight Club flag. According to Thriller co-founder Ryan Kavanagh, the fight will be contested with 10-ounce gloves in a 20-by-20 ring.

This will be Jake Paul’s first match against someone with real foreknowledge in martial arts. Ben Askren is a former two-time wrestling champion in the NCAA, two-time trophy winner Dan Hodge, a 2008 Olympian, and a former Bellator champion and one light heavyweight champion.

Although Askren started his career with a perfect record of 19-0, he may be remembered the most knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in 5 seconds. Askren retired from the sport last year after he needed hip replacement surgery, which he successfully underwent in August.

His last outing in the UFC was a devastating record from Damian Maia. Although ‘Funky’ has a lot of fighting experience, the battle against Jake Paul will mark his professional boxing debut.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, made his professional debut last year against fellow YouTube player AnEsonGib. Paul won the fight in the first round via TKO. He was followed by a knockout in the second round of former NBA player Nate Robinson in the next outing.

Jake Paul receives Masvidal’s help

Jake Paul has reportedly moved to Miami as South Florida offers a variety of fighters who can help him prepare for Ben Askren. One of the fighters Paul is watching Jorge Masvidal whose 5 or so KO Ben Askren holds the UFC record for fastest knockout. According to Jake Paul, Masvidal leads him to knock out Ben Asren even faster. Talking to MMA Junkie, Paul told Mike Bohn:

(Masvidal) said, ‘Look, Ben will try to hang himself for you and fight you, squeeze you and try to wear you out. We were just working on clinch exercises and fighting from the inside out, and he was trying to show me how to knock out Ben faster than he did. Well, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I would run towards Ben in the first two seconds and try to break (Masvidal’s record). But Masvidal is great. Very supportive. He has always been my friend and supportive of me, and that goes both ways. I’m excited to see if I can knock out Ben faster than Masvidal. ”

Posted March 15, 2021, 6:23 PM IST