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White House Reveals When Biden Will Hold His First Formal Press Conference




More than 50 days into his presidency and Joe Biden officially scheduled today to deliver its first formal press conference.

“President Biden will hold a formal press conference on the afternoon of Thursday, March 25,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement on Tuesday.

The announcement came after a few mentioned that all 15 of Biden’s immediate successors held a solo-press conference within 33 days of taking office.

On March 7, the editorial board of The Washington Post called to Biden to conduct a press conference.

“Last month was going to be better, and this week is going to be better than the next. Avoiding news conferences shouldn’t be a regular habit for Mr. Biden. He’s the president, and there is Americans have the right to expect him to regularly submit himself to big questioning, ”the op-ed read.

He added that while Biden has “shown galaxies more respect for free press” than Trump and has done interviews in print media and TV shows, “These frequent exchanges are not a substitute for formal , solo news conferences where follow-up reporters can ask questions.the questions, answers should be more than a couple of words long, and the president’s thoughts on a wide range of issues can be mine. “

Psaki has previously defended the lack of a formal press conference as he said, “This president came during a historic crisis, a pandemic like the country has not seen in decades and decades and an economic slowdown that has left tens of millions of people at work. “

“I think the American citizen will definitely understand if his focus and his energy and attention are to ensure that we ensure enough vaccines for all Americans … and then drive for a rescue plan,” he added.


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