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White House staff no longer tested for Covid-19 daily




White House spokesperson Kevin Munionis said in a statement to CNN that the White House “maintains a strong Covid-19-related protocols in order to create a safe workplace for their employees’ important to the person wearing the Social removed and a” regular trial. “

“We are informed that the vaccination protocol testing manufactured with CNN television dignity and for a multitude of ways to mitigate the critical device said Munionis.

Prior to the change, but those who came in contact with the top leader – the President, Vice President Joe Biden and senior level staff Kamala Harris – are getting tested daily. If it would not be a staff member to the point of contact with those who are in the she has already experienced, it is every day.

The administration has made Biden significant changes Donald Trump protocols under the former president from the White House, which had long been dismissed as a function of gravity of the virus social practices and avoiding wearing mask and removed.

Masks were given, Covid 19, and proven ability to guarantee a place in the expanded areas. Zeke Miller, the White House and the president s Letter ‘Association, said in January that “other things” Biden has taken the charge at the White House, adding that “all the things that make it a little safer workplace.”

The White House state to a reflective state of the pandemic in the country, to which many large cities in some Covid protocols relax. However, the potential for new variants of the spike remain for the man.

In many cases continues to decline coronavirus every day more than 2 million Americans are vaccinated every now and then – part policy – White House-19 Covid response team is preparing for the worst. White House that is racing to prepare for the potential that the fourth wave of the more transmissible coronavirus coronavirus variants spread through the US.

The study is the management of billions of dollars to boost coronavirus preparedness, accelerating the pace of work for entrepreneurs and public and governors for the prospect of another city. Officials are given combing through an ‘urgent attack, were assigned to different missions and drawing up plans for the federal government can not snap action.

This story is updated with additional information.