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Who are the Swords of Justice in Pokemon?




Swords of Justice are a group of four legendary Pokemon. Fans also call them legendary musketeers.

Swords of justice were created to protect Pokemon whose homes were destroyed by humans. They are all of the double combat type.

The Swords of Justice are based on the novel The Three Musketeers. Following this theme, each of the swords of justice has attributes that correspond to one of the musketeers in the novel. The fact that the group is based on a French novel also gives fans a hint that the Kalos region was loosely based on France.

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Swords of Justice in Pokemon

# 4 – Keldeo, the mythical Pokemon

Keldeo, the mythical Pokemon (Picture via Pokemon)
Keldeo, the mythical Pokemon (Picture via Pokemon)

The youngest of the group, this Pokemon of the legendary Water and Struggle type is the only Mythical Pokemon in the entire group.

Keldeo has two forms: Ordinary and Decisive. A Pokemon can possess its Decisive Form only after learning its signature move, the Secret Sword.

Keldeo has a combined basic statute of 580, which is common to all members of the Sword of Justice. The only difference between Kelde and his colleagues is that instead of learning Quick Attack, he learns Aqua Jet, a water variation of moves.

All the moves that Keldeo teaches by equalizing have a higher basic power than all other members of the Sword of Justice.

In addition to differences in power and extras, Keldeo is the only one in the group not listed close to the others in National Pokedex. It is also the only member of the Sword of Justice whose name does not end with “ion”.

# 3 – Virizion

Virizion (Pokemon image)

Introduced in Generation V, Virizion is the most feminine Pokemon of these four. This two-winged Pokemon of the grassy and fighting type is based on the character of Aramis in the novel Three Musketeers.

Aramis is the best at fencing, but he is also incredibly beautiful and vain. Marked as Lawn Pokemon, Virizion’s physical design is based on antelope.

With a basic statistic of 580, just like the rest of the group, Virizion doesn’t seem to stand out from the outside. However, Virizion is not weak according to the species to which other members of the group are vulnerable.

# 2 – Terrakion


Image via Pokemon)

Based on Porthos from the Three Musketeers, Terrakion is the heaviest and strongest of all the members of the Swords of Justice.

Introduced in Generation V, Terrakion is a Pokemon rock and combat type. It is the only one with this two-type classification. Marked as “Cavern Pokemon”, Terrakion receives heavy damage from grass, steel, water and combat type Pokemon and moving.

Terrakion has a Special Attack and an Attack that is the reverse of Kelde’s. It also has a basic statistic of 580, which corresponds to the basic statistic of the rest of the group.

# 1 – Kobalion

Cobalion (picture via Game Freak)

The oldest of the group, Cobalion is based on the character of Athos from the Three Musketeers. He acts as the leader of the swords of justice.

Cobalion is a steel and combat type Pokemon and is referred to as the “Iron Will Pokemon.”

Like the rest of the group, Cobalion has a combined basic statute of 580. It stands out by being the only member of the Sword of Justice to have immunity. This immunity is against Poison-type Pokemon and is moving. It also has double resistance.

Posted March 17, 2021, 6:04 AM IST