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Who is Larianna Jackson? Louisiana student accused of punching disabled teacher, inspired by TikTok challenge 




Eighteen-year-old student Larianna Jackson has been arrested and charged with assaulting her teacher at Covington High School.

Born Louisiana, she is accused of striking a 64-year-old teacher with a disability on Wednesday. The student participated in the viral challenge of TikTok, which brought her to prison.

Larianna Jackson took part in the TikTok “teacher slap” challenge, which was circulating on the platform. The trend now worries many teachers. It follows “Cunning licking” TikTok a trend in which students stole and vandalized school property.

Speaking of the heinous incident, St. Paul’s school superintendent. Tammany Frank Jabbia said in an interview:

“I was just overwhelmed when I knew what our teachers go through every day just to educate students. It was very disturbing that this teacher talked to the student and then was attacked in this way. ”

Police arrest Larianna Jackson after she took part in TikTok’s “slap teacher” challenge

In disturbing video, with the caption “This Covington fa ya,” can be seen Larianna Jackson talking to the teacher before continuing to beat them as they sit.

The Covington Police Department responded to a crime that occurred at the school. TikTok Larianne Jackson was recorded immediately after the cancellation bell rang.

The Convington Police Department confirmed in a statement:

“Upon the arrival of the police officer, it was learned that the 64-year-old teacher with a disability was viciously attacked by an 18-year-old student from Covington High School, Larrianna Jackson. Due to the injuries sustained in the attack, the teacher had to seek medical help at a local hospital. ”

In a press release, police wrote that Larianna Jackson:

“He was arrested and charged with violating LRS 14: 34.3, School Teacher’s Battery (criminal offense). Jackson was then transported to St Tammany Parish Jail where he will await prosecution. ”

The California Teachers Association highlighted the upcoming TikTok challenge on their Facebook group, where they wrote:

“Educators, beware! As if widespread vandalism in our schools last month wasn’t enough, the same ‘challenge’ circulating on social media TikTok and Twitter is now urging students to slap an employee. ”

Like a “slap to the teacher” TikTok challenge continues to bring participants together online, TikTok was invited to condemn the challenge on Twitter. They wrote:

“Rumors that dare to dare to” slap teachers “insult teachers everywhere. And although this is not a trend on TikTok, if it appears at any time, the content will be removed. ”

Rumor has it that daring to ‘slap a teacher’ is an insult to teachers everywhere. And although this is not a trend on TikTok, if it appears at any time, the content will be removed. Learn more about practicing responsible behavior here:…

Following the arrest of Larianne Jackson, educators also urged parents to talk to their children about the consequences they would have to face if they participated in such actions. challenges.



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