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Who is Marla Gibbs husband? All about her marriage to Jordan Gibbs as actress receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame




American actress Marla Gibbs felt better after she recently fainted during her speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maria closed her eyes while she was on stage, and her son immediately ran to help her and asked nearby staff to find a chair.

After sitting for a while, Marla Gibbs received applause from the audience. As Marla thanked actress Tishi Campbell and producer Norman Lear, she said,

“They only know me because of you. Thank you very much. And thank you all, because because you have been watching us, we have managed to stand out, and I am here today. Thank you. And I want to especially thank my daughter and my grandson for all the hard work putting together this event. “

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Husband of Marle Gibbs

Marla Gibbs is a famous actress, singer, comedian, writer and television producer. She was popular for her role as George Jefferson’s maid, Florence Johnston, in the CBS sitcom, The Jeffersons, from 1975 to 1985

Jordan Gibbs, her high school sweetheart, and Marla tied the knot in 1955. They were the parents of three children – Angela Gibbs, Dorian Gibbs and Joseph Gibbs. After being together for 18 years, the couple divorced in 1973.

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On the subject of her marriage, Marla said he was usually turbulent and found herself in search of freedom.

Marla Gibbs has been nominated five times for the Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series” for her performances in The Jeffersons. She was later seen on the NBC sitcom, 227. In addition to winning seven NAACP Picture Awards, she has also played supporting roles in a number of films.

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