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Whoa! 3 sets of triplets graduating from Memorial High School this week




Houston, Texas (KTRK) – It is not every day you see a set of triplets are getting ready to graduate high school and at Memorial High School in Spring Branch, there are three?

“We’ve seen the classes are a special kind of before and it’s Bethancourt said Lucas.

He had his brother Alex, the commonly received opinion.

“I am probably the funniest part ceremony and hearing the triplets and called,” he said.

With the help of Austin, from grandfather to graduate 1000 Prairie View A & break after 15 years

Of the 664 graduating students Friday between two twin sets of triplets 18. Prepared for each of said foot.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult for us, because we were always together,” said Nina Garcia, his two brothers, Alexander and Seth.

“We are very different, all coming, but there is one special, especially in this school,” said Seth.

Over the three students may be known by the husband of Gina Gaston ABC13 station once a rocket Houston, Mario Elias.

With the help of 3 sisters all jobs in Houston graduate, Lucina undeniably the same level of UHD

“I think it’s really very ready,” his son said Gina Gaston Elie. It’s been quite a year so that students of schools were forced to make a change in the pandemic.

Is also the Queen’s daughter, Lauren, Elias; and at the same time, and believeth on him, and brought it closer to the family of.

“When COVID this year triplets our relationship has changed so much that there is any leaving for college. Like,” OK, this is especially good for us, our parents, too.

In order to join the class of 2021 on Friday before graduation, and their siblings are excited about what the future holds.

“Everything I have experienced what I [Gaston and Lauren] bowed his head now it’s just me in my life, “said Elias Cornelius.

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