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Why did UFC champion Israel Adesanya claim his teammate Fau Vake was murdered?




UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is not the one who forgets his friends even in the biggest moments.

Successfully defends his 185kg belt for the third time at UFC 263 from Marvin Vettori’s ‘The Italian Dream’, Israel Adesanya dedicated his victory to his recently deceased friend and teammate from City Kickboxing Fau Vake.

“Before any formalities, like my teammate Brad [Riddell] said, one of our boys, one of the guys who was on his way to the UFC was killed. Let’s not break up, he was killed by some thugs who can walk freely. But I just want to say Fau Vake, Fau Vake, Fau Vake, I love you man … I dedicate this fight to you Fau. Even in his last quarrel with me, he snatched mine *. I have to give you credit for that. Trust me, I’ll never get it back, but I’m glad you bowed * to me in the last sparring, ”Israel Adesanya said in an interview with Joe Rogan after the fight.

Fau Vake passed away last month after being seriously injured in an attack around 3am on Symonds Street in central Auckland. Four men were arrested after the incident.

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Vake was a promising mixed martial artist and the brother of John Vake, a wrestling coach at City Kickboxing.

Israel Adesanya wrote a touching tribute Fau Vakeu a few days after his death.

Although Fau Vake spent a week in hospital before he died of his injuries, it is quite clear that Israel Adesanya and his other teammates consider this an act of murder.

Israel Adesanya’s teammate, Brad Riddell, also pays tribute to Fau Vake

Earlier, Israel Kickboxing member Adesanye Brad Riddell paid a similar sincere tribute to his fallen teammate. After winning three rounds of battle against lightweight Drew Dober, who is in 13th place, Riddell revealed that he paid tribute to the Fau Vake family by going to the same song that Fau Vake used as his music to leave.

“My friend was killed two weeks ago, so I never lost this fight … The song for leaving may have seemed a bit strange, but it was his song for leaving. It was my honor to his family because unfortunately you never do this walk, but I miss you Fau and I hope you’re proud, ”Brad Riddell said.

Both Israel Adesanya and Brad Riddell were present at the Fau Vake funeral service, held at the Free Wesleyan Tonga Tuingapapai Church in Favona, Auckland, a week after the attack. The symbol of the city’s kickboxing gym was present on his coffin.