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Why Nasser Hussain and Rob Key want England to bat first in the remaining T20Is




Former England players Nasser Hussain and Rob Key want to see England win first and strike in at least one of the remaining games against India. The two players believe this could boost England’s preparations for the T20 World Cup scheduled later this year.

The India vs England The T20I series saw both sides win throws and throws first. The hunting teams won all three matches in Ahmedabad, because they could better understand the conditions and use them later.

Analyzing England’s eight wins at Sky Sports Cricket, Rob Key has admitted he wants England to change strategy in the coming games.

“I would like to see how this team strikes first and try to defend it in these conditions. Then I think you know exactly where you are, ”Key said.

Rob Key was not for England interfering with their playing XI. The 41-year-old wants to see Eoin Morgan stick to the same side that beat her India on Tuesday, but try to win the match by setting the total. In this regard, he said:

“If they had done it in the last game, if Mark Wood had been there instead of Tom Curran, who knows what could have happened? Because it was a different game today. The Indian batsman was not allowed. As soon as Mark Wood came in, they were under pressure like in the first game. I would love to see them defend themselves like that. “

Mark Wood had a significant impact in the two games he played in this series. Wood’s fast pace left the Indian hitters insecure. By the way, he is the leading goalkeeper in the series, although he missed the game due to injury.

The fast bowler went through India’s best order on Tuesday, bringing them back to the powerplay phase. Mark Wood has previously worried India during the middle games in the first game, showing his versatility.

Nasser Hussain feels that England may have to wait for the last game to hit first

Former England captain Nasser Hussain agreed with Rob Kay’s assessment, but he feels Eoin Morgan he would like to finish the series first before trying to hit first.

I think he could try to win the series first. You never know, you never guess Eoin Morgan. Eoin just does things his own way. He just feels it. He will talk to an analyst. He is the winner; he wants to win. He wants to increase confidence in the country at the site of the T20 World Finals. So I guess he wants to win first. ”

The T20 World Cup will be held in India from approximately October to November later this year. In the past, Eoin Morgan has talked about using this series to adapt to Indian conditions.

Several reports suggest that Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad could host the 2021 World Cup final. Looking forward to the tournament, Hussain believes Eoin Morgan could pose a unique challenge to his side if they manage to finish the series before the fifth game.

Maybe in the last game he goes to his team and doesn’t change the team too much and says ‘Oh, we’ll try with a few people.’ You never know, sometimes you just omit from the last game. But just say ‘Okay. If we lose a throw in the World Cup final at this point against this side, we have to hit first. Go and show me how to do it and achieve a score above the level ”

Posted March 17, 2021, 11:43 AM IST