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Why Should You Consider Cyber Threat Intelligence In Your Organization?



Why Should You Consider Cyber Threat Intelligence In Your Organization?

You’ll surely agree that the internet offers tons of benefits to business owners. Today, it’s pretty

hard to see a business that doesn’t rely on the internet for some (if not all) of its activities. The

internet makes it easy for you to shop for various products and services online in the comfort of

your home. As amazing as the internet is, however, you need to understand it also has its

problems. One of them is that cyber attackers often take advantage of it to attack organizations

to perform various data and account leaks.


In the rest of this post, you will understand the importance of choosing the right cyber threat

intelligence, such as, for your organization.

Domain spoofing: Why you should consider cyber threat intelligence

Today, hackers use different types of cyber threats to acquire sensitive information from

organizations. One of the most commonly used threats today in combination with phishing attacks is domain spoofing. This is a method, in which hackers imitate well-known businesses or their employees. They do that by using fake website domains and email domains to deceive people into trusting them and receive sensitive data as usernames or passwords.


Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to spot fake websites, as they often carry similar domain names as the original ones and using web cloning tools, they also look like the original.

How exactly can domain spoofing affect your company?

Generally, domain spoofing makes it possible for attackers to gain various information on your

organisation by tricking victims to submit sensitive data to the website. This can be your personal information or company data. It can also be your users’ credentials or network credentials. In case you don’t know, these effects can always

hurt your business or organization in many ways. For instance, it can reduce the trust your customers have in your company. Of course, you know exactly what this means to your business. Yes, the impression level of the website will reduce drastically, indirectly leading to a

loss of money.

What is the best way to prevent spoofing?

There are a couple of methods you can use to limit spoofing in your organization. One effective

approach requires you to sensitize your employees regarding how to use the company’s email address. On your path, you can employ a couple of security measures to prevent spoofing; one such requires you to use a reliable cyber threat intelligence tool, such as This

platform offers a domain monitoring service that detects spoofed domains. If a hacker reserves a similar domain, you will instantly receive an alert. Interestingly, Kaduu services are available at affordable prices.

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