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“Why would you do this?”: PewDiePie reacts to Oli London’s before and after surgery pics 




YouTube sensation PewDiePie reacted to the British Influencer Oli London going through surgery to look like BTS singer Jimin. YouTuber also reacted to the influencer a year ago when they (Oli goes with the pronouns They / Them / “Jimin” / “Korean”) were still going through plastic surgery to look like a popular idol.

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Oli London has undergone 18 surgeries in the last 8 years and is finally satisfied with the results. They further added that they now recognize themselves as a non-binary Korean. Fans did not support Oli that he came out as part of another culture. Oli London was born in London, England.

In the latest PewDiePie video that reacts to the influencer, he recognized that Oli appropriates another race, which is reason enough for the influencer to gain hatred online.

They also created a flag that they are not binary, identifying as They / Them, which received strong reactions on Twitter. In OliLondon’s latest YouTube video, “A Message for Dr. Phil,” they said they tried for a year to love themselves the way they are, but then they changed their minds.

PewDiePie calls OliLondon for appropriating the culture

PewDiePie responded to Oli’s latest interview for GB News where they talked about their transition. They shouted that people identify as animals and aliens, so then why can’t they identify as Koreans? “Those who preach about not being bullied online and taking care of your mental health are the same people they attack online, ”which PewDiePie agreed to.

In the interview, they also revealed:

I was never happy with what I was, I always had problems in terms of my appearance, appearance, self-esteem problems and only when I moved to Korea did I start switching to that Korean look and actually find happiness.

PewDiePie reacted to this by saying we would see how long it would take.

In the interview, they also revealed that they did not go through this transition just to attract attention and stated that no one will go through the pain of plastic surgery 18 times just to look at them. YouTube has tried to objectively disagree with this:

I believe he does it because he wants to, but you also keep everyone informed. You can’t say you didn’t like the attention

PewDiePie later respected their deputies and continued to refer to Oli as “them” or “Jimin”.

Fans are still firing them for appropriating the culture and claiming they are a different person. The influencer is well aware that people might find it strange to recognize themselves as someone else, but they have no plans to change that perception.



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