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Wireless companies shelled out billions of dollars to fix this 5G problem




This time it’s been a lack of available infrastructure (called “single number foot”) need to do the fifth generation of wireless networks noticeably faster 4G is so widely across the broad spaces. That changed with the completion by the Federal Communications Commission latest number in a single foot auction Last month, until hard to bear burdens and collectively referred to as the $ 81 billion resource hang on their hands.

The “image of the blood network,” said Craig Moffett, an analyst MoffettNathanson and founding partner. “We are not part of the reason that they are all waiting for the 5G network that we did not have the right to view it.”

Huge traffic to adapt to a degree 5G transmit high-speed networks, which is given to the wireless companies need to travel to the roads. The real estate picture is similar to the US government to build carriers auction off the main roads – when the situation the better, the more lanes they can build networks faster and more accessible to 5G.

Last week, Verizon (VZ); T-Mobile (Tmus) and AT & T (T) explained in great detail in the affairs of the council was held by the analysts and the results of developers familiar with the development that spread the networks. (CNN carrots WarnerMedia parent company, AT & T)

“This is a great day for Verizon – the one that was going to say it’s the most significant days in the 20-year history,” Titus said Vestberg President and CEO of Verizon start of the event.

There is “no question carts and improve the number of new single foot holdings consumers’ experience using the 5G, Moffett said. However, carriers widely expect it to catch and set several years, the number of new single foot used to be.

This is crucial number in a single foot auction

The spectrum auction helps carriers, particularly AT & T Verizon, fill a key gap in the network 5G.

There are three categories of spectrum 5G networks do. High-band, or “millimeter wave” and the speed of the fast blindingly networks provide coverage limited world. For this reason, having regard to bear burdens does not high-band networks to build cities and airports in densely populated areas, where it can be installed many of the cell of the places that are near to each other. “

The number of low-band provides coverage for a single foot is much more open, making it effective for use in a nationwide 5G networks, but much faster than the speed of data in margin 4G LTE.

Mid-band is the “Goldilocks” phantom speed justify the coverage is that, until now widely missing the US networks 5G. In unison with the foot of the middle of the band, the number of the carriers on the latest bid in the auction, and does not come cheap.

$ 52.9 billion to double its Verizon spent more than half the number of holdings in a single foot band. Of the $ 10 billion company and allocate more than he thinks Capital expenditures in the next three years spending on their existing plans to put a new number in a single foot used to be.

AT & T $ 27.4 billion for its capital and intermediate band holdings bid: $ 6 billion, and each and expects to spend an additional $ 8 billion in 2022 to mid-2024 with a head band network buildout.

He came to the T-Mobile had an advantage from the auction: a band of a signi fi cant amount of placerat mid-first in the portfolio into his grace, $ 26 billion acquisition from Sprint last year. As a result, $ 9.3 billion T-Mobile spent just read to fill the gaps in the network.

Assuming the number of existing single shoe mid-band T-Mobile ahead of rivals, analysts say. While Verizon and AT & T will not start building the new single foot, the number of holdings until later this year, T-Mobile has a mid-band network up and running.

“T-Mobile won” and said Moffett, FCC auction. “It was a real estate far better band or the middle Verizon, AT & T will enter … I just like to spend money to get to the place. ‘

T-Mobile expects 200 million to cover the high speed at the end of this year 5G. Verizon says the more than 175 million people on the other side covered the 2022 and 2023, reaching more than 250 million people a total of 100 million people, about protecting the AT & T expects 2024 to mid-2023. (Each carrier lorem its way to a more open, though somewhat slower, low-band networks 5G.)

“We want to be on the auction and the outside of things, it does not need to be in charge of 5g era as the time taken to 5g era” Mobile t-President and CEO Mike Sievert Business told CNN. “That is exactly what we have done.”

However, unlike T-Mobile, Verizon and AT & T is a fiber infrastructure that can help them compete with T-Mobile’s strong numbers in a single foot portfolio.

AT & T war, for example, is to respond to serve broadband ‘in a hybrid fashion, while explaining homes fiber to the hospital for houses small businesses “AT & T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh said in an interview.” We are poised for investments support fiber, and in view “.

A return on investment 5G

There are networks that make 5G. Now, to generate additional revenue will likely take more effort from them.

Stealing individual customers of other wireless carriers by offering a high-quality network 5G is to increase sales. But experts say the additional service delivery over the new technology, businesses will be most likely to produce the highest revenue carriers, 5G entity.

In the mid-band auction accelerates the ability to develop some of these new challenges and fulfill models Tami Erwin, executive vice president and group CEO of Verizon Business, told CNN Business calling the company’s new holdings, “the number of single foot, the next generation the other. ”

“It’s really powerful for us to be able to unlock some cases these rights – think of the government of the autonomous” Erwin said.

AT & T and Verizon to aggressively marketed 5G enterprise whose victims, in order to create tech automated factories pain. The T-Mobile the new products announced two weeks ago aimed at attracting customers do more business.

“Ultimately, it’s going to be a really does and build a network and making it more compelling experience,” says Gartner analyst Bill Menezes.