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Woman accused of killing grandmother in Clayton apprehended in Georgia; 2-year-old boy safe




CLAYTON, NC (WTVD) accused of killing grandmother and fleeing with her 2-year-old son and he was taken into custody in Georgia, officials said.

Clayton Police Department spokesman Gaither, 68, was found dead inside his home on Crawford Parkway in Health-Receiving at around 4:30pm. While investigating, officers identified Camille Nechelle Singleton, 31, as a homicide suspect.

Family members identified the victim as a grandmother of the suspect.

Singleton was on the run with her 2nd-year son, Dior Singleton. Amber Alert for the child.

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Police said Clayton Singleton was apprehended by his son in Georgia on Sunday.

Clayton Detections are on the way to Georgia to return to Johnston County.

Gaither’s daughter, Willette Eley, said her mother had four children. Gaither said to raise one of Singleton’s sons. Police are still investigating whether Dior has lived with Gaither.

The investigation began when police appeared at Gaither’s home. They found her with a gun to the head.

Neighbor Rebecca Rowe said Gaither’s grandmother was for the entire neighborhood.

“She was really sweet. She loved her children,” said Rowe, “and always cared for her grandchild and had children and had a lot of children. She had a lot of close relatives who came along and brought her children. I just loved children.”

Rowe said there was a rivalry between Singleton and Gaither, but he didn’t know why.

“I know I didn’t deserve anything,” Rowe said. “He took care of his grandson. I’ve been here for the last three years. My whole life.”

Other neighborhood neighbors registered as typically quiet and unhinged at the situation.

“She was just the sweetest lady ever known,” neighbor Roger Hastings said. “You just couldn’t find better than that, and that’s what you didn’t expect around here. It was a shock to the entire community.”

Police said Friday that Singleton had left the area and had a thorough check of U-Haul traffic in Georgia, where Singleton’s white U-Haul pickup had fallen off.

Investigators said they believe Singleton could be carried to Arkansas, Virginia, or Macon, Georgia.

A few neighbors said that they had seen a U-Haul truck outside the house for several days.

Police told ABC11 that the AMBER Alert was deploying for the boy after talking to his father Dior, who is developing at sea with the Navy.

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