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Woman arrested after refusing to wear a mask in a Texas bank



Woman arrested after refusing to wear a mask in a Texas bank


The arrest occurred Thursday, the day after Gov. Orders from Greg Cicero rolled back some of the state Covid, 19, of exceptions; among which is the person of the mandate of the republic,. Private business and personal things that require up to their discretion allowed.

The footage shows the policeman entering the Bank of America Austin, and a kind of real woman bank can refuse service if they are put to the person. She wants to be so, but it does not last for the officer tells’ intrude upon the foregoing, “if it refuses to cooperate or leave the bank. Short, that these words, the captain takes it away from the bank of the sleeves of the same even degrading.

Mark White, 65, went to a bank employee KTRK it without a mask and asked if they had any. White responded, “I thank you because you do not need,” and offered that person is an employee.

The person refused the White House said he asked her to leave.

“I just want to close my account, I will not leave you and I,” she told KTRK. “(The employee) goes: ‘Well, you’re not going to, if I leave, then I’m going to call the cops. He said,’ Well, what you want to do.” ‘

Austin Mayor Craig Brown told CNN the woman has been arrested committed crimes – “is not a person is not wearing.”

According to KTRK, police said White was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

Back to the White House, however, it has already arrived CNN has not heard. The latest and Austin responded to requests for comment, and the Department or the Bank of America.

What they showed footage

The body camera footage showed a police officer Austin woman entering the bank and confronting Thursday and said, ‘Ma’am, if they ask you to leave, you have to leave. “

The woman tells the story that tries to put an officer and with that money. As the commander answered by what is true is that the officer has a “conduct to the rules.”

“Business has the right to refuse service and if you’re not a mask. I think that it’s said these words.

“What are you going to do,” he asks, “arrest me? “

“There have intruded on the premises, he said these words. He tells the woman to step outside.

The woman she is dictated by a public place ( “This is a private business,” he says these words), and accuses officer of “The taking of human rights”.

A short struggle, and it seems that at the beginning of the woman, to resist the officer follows that when the handcuff of the soul towards it. Just on the edge of the area, saying the other side of the river where everything seems to be wearing masks, “that’s cruel people.”

“No,” they say. “There is not.”

The officer takes the woman out of the bank. He says that he thinks that the officer broke his leg and it calls for emergency medical services officer. The last in the round about in front of the car from the rear of the Lord, who is spending her the footage of him.

Reopening is a delicate balance, ‘says mayor

In an interview Friday, White said KTRK to a car traveling at Austin and his mental awareness of the governor’s bidding, the person raising the order. He was glad that the White House stood KTRK reported that land is “very opposed to” show the one hand saying, “I do not wear it on the free face.”

In order to command the person coverings reignited the debate over the face of the city. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Austin trial filed against the city council the advantage of this is to lay down a mask of the place to draw up a week later. On Friday, a judge denied a request to temporarily stop the state where local mandate and pushed back to March 26 banned the hearing.

‘Shopping area, and there are many businesses and restaurants here in enforcing the island down, or requesting that all citizens prevent, and customers represent, “she had Austin Brown.” This was a particular incident lady did not want to do that He had been the bank’s plan. ”

“It’s a delicate balance,” and she should be put in place to open a safety. “This is why we encourage However, the island is to be removed, and carries a social person.”