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World’s Most Loyal Dog Still Waiting to Be Adopted After Two Years: Pup’s Tragic Background Revealed



Dillon, a dog from Cornwall, England, has had a turbulent past. Although many people believe that their dogs are immortal, Dillon had the opportunity to prove that by watching alongside his owner, even if his owner died.

“She was found lying with her owner who had died and was clearly being protected until she could no longer do so – which is very sad,” Amy Hall told the National Animal Welfare Trust at SWNS, according to People.

“He came to us about two years ago from that situation, which is what Dillon wants and needs, but we’re trying to find what’s right for him, the right home and family.”

Despite his clear display of honesty to his former owner, “protecting his body to the very end,” Dillon has yet to find a new family.


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And there are a few reasons – even if they’re not easily accepted by a caring person in the right situation.

Dillon was described as a “lurcher,” a term more commonly used in the United Kingdom than in the United States. It refers to a mixed race dog that is usually a cross between a sighthound (usually a greyhound or whippet) with a herding or terrier breed.

There is wide variety, temperament and appearance in these dogs, but parts of Dillon’s breed background definitely come down to his personality. He has an amazing amount of energy (especially for a 9-year-old dog), loves outdoor activities and some twitter and ownership around other dogs and kids.

The staff worked with him, and he was trained in avoiding any accidents while outdoors. He befriends other lurchers but certainly has strong driving because of his bloody sighthound.

“The thing about his age is he attracts people who are looking for more than just a dog sitting on you, while Dillon at his heart is still pretty puppy,” Hall explains. “He’ll get along with you and relax too, but he wants to go out on the farm and have a nice walk-then he wants to chill.”

“We actually took him to a foster home earlier with the other dogs, and he got along well there, perfectly well, but when they were together at home, he wasn’t very happy – he wanted his owner to be himself,” he said. he says.

“He looks a bit like Joey in ‘Friends’-Joey doesn’t share. She is more than happy to go out for walks with other dogs, and she is more than happy with friends bringing their children or dogs.


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“He’s a very good dog, but he just needs the right person. We’ve had a few people who are interested, but for one reason or another, they haven’t been very successful. However, lately, the response has been really surprising.

NAWT Cornwell posted in Nov. 20 Dillon was again overtaken by a recent prospective adopter who found his needs too demanding.

“Poor Dillon can’t believe it,” the says the post. “His reserve has fallen again. We are completely destroyed.

“It’s not his fault, the customer decided they had to wait for a Labrador because they don’t usually own lurchers and one that can play with visiting family dogs. Dillon doesn’t want to share his toys and play with small dogs just so it won’t work. We all depended on him and really thought he would move into his eternal home. ”

Surely there was someone out there who could give Dillon the house he needed, where he could be alone. pet for his last years.

“My perfect home is somewhere in a quiet place, with a family with a lot of love to give me,” her adoption page state. “If you could give hugs, toys and treats, I would be a very happy child.”

Hopefully, with all the coverage her story gets, she’s just one step closer to finding the perfect family that will love her as much as she loves them.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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