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Wrong-way crash on Florida Turnpike sends 2 people to hospital




DORAL, Fla. – An early morning crash took place on Sunday in the northbound lanes Turnpike extension.

What happened to the right next to the road Street, Northwest 41st at Doral.

A total of three vehicles are involved; SUV’s and pick-up truck, two white.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, a white Nissan pickup was traveling southbound along the northbound lanes at 6:30 am

The truck collided head-on with a white Mitsubishi SUV, causing it to rotate into and Caesar, an SUV hit list.

The three vehicles, were involved in the way of the noise which was evil in the Florida Turnpike. (WPLG)

Local News 10, Trent Song and spoke to the driver, Caesar.

He said he was driving northbound on the turnpike when he realizes that he is in the white pickup truck in the wrong direction.

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Thankfully, it was checked by paramedics on the scene and said it appeared to be.

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The investigation is done.

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