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WSJ on Border Situation: Remember When Dems Called ‘Similar Conditions a Moral Catastrophe’?




The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board recalls when Democrats called conditions on the U.S.-Mexico border similar to those under the Biden administration a “moral catastrophe.”

The editorial board explored the similarities between border conditions under the Biden and Trump administrations in a op-ed published on Sunday.

The op-ed said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was dispatched to the White House border on Saturday. The writers argued, “Stephen Miller, the restrictionist adviser to Donald Trump, could not have come up with a better way to soften the prospects for immigration reform.”

The editorial board pointed out U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had close to 397,000 interactions with border migrants in the first five months of the 2021 fiscal year. The number is approximately 25% more than the same amount of time in 2019.

“In 2019 the influx of migrants led to‘ dangerous congestion ’at border control stations and detention facilities, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general,” the writers added. “Kovid and socially distant requirements have further reduced capacity in government facilities and nonprofit shelters.”

Adree Latif / Reuters

The board’s editorial acknowledges that CBP reported nearly 9,500 encounters with unaccompanied children in February alone. The number is 61% higher than in January.

“Waiting times for children stuck in CBP facilities often exceed the 72-hour legal limit, and the [Washington] The Post said unaccompanied children were ‘waiting in crowded and smooth cells with concrete floors and benches’ where ‘lights would be on 24 hours a day,’ ”the op- ed.

The Journal’s editorial board asked, “Do you remember in 2019 when the media and Democrats called similar conditions a moral catastrophe?”

They argued that the border surge was “a direct response to Biden’s policies and rhetoric.”

The editorial reference referred to a policy under the Trump administration when asylum seekers had to wait in Mexico for their cases to be decided by U.S. immigration courts.

“The Biden Administration has ended this policy and has begun admitting asylum seekers to pending cases no matter how far taken,” board members wrote.

They went, “The clear signal to migrants, and to human smugglers who run people across the border, is that now is the time to go to America.”

The editorial board explained Biden’s immigration plan offers migrants “few incentives to wait and enter legally.”

“Americans want to be generous to immigrants, but they also reject the view that the U.S. can fund the health care and education of anyone who violates U.S. law to get here,” the op-ed said.

It continued, “U.S. immigration policy has been stalled by over -entry for all that is left and the rights of restrictionist Stephen Miller.”

The editorial board ended up calling for a White House to “rethink.”


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